Saturday, November 3, 2012


  • And in this corner ...

    Stacey Dash: The "Clueless" actress caught flak from the African-American community after she endorsed Romney. That didn't stop her from posting a photo on Twitter of herself and Romney running mate Paul Ryan standing in front of an American flag.

  • Last minute endorsements continue

    Last minute endorsements continue. David Walker, the CEO and president of Comeback America Initiative, has worked for both Republican and Democratic administrations during his time leading the government accountability office and this year has chosen ...

  • Newspapers split endorsements between Brown and Warren

    The Patriot Ledger of Quincy was one of the few papers to switch its endorsement from backing Coakley in 2010 to backing Brown in 2012.

  • Partisan endorsements carry risk, reward in local races

    In the down-ticket race to decide the partisan balance of the City Council, Democratic Councilwoman Sherri Lightner has endorsed Filner while Lightner's Republican challenger Ray Ellis won't endorse DeMaio even though he has contributed to his mayoral ...

  • The Post's endorsements tend Democratic

    The Post began regularly endorsing candidates for president in 1976, with Jimmy Carter. The Post editorial board hasn't endorsed a Republican for the Oval Office since, although The Post did sit out the 1988 election between George H.W. Bush and ...

  • The stars are aligned

    Former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka endorsed Republican John McCain for president four years ago. And in 2004, Bruce Springsteen joined Democrat John Kerry on the campaign trail.

  • In Praise of Newspaper Endorsements

    As of today, 63 of the nation's 100 largest newspapers have endorsed either Romney or Obama. Nine more decided not to endorse a candidate.

  • Hiott: No American-Statesman endorsement in presidential race

    Some of you have asked when the American-Statesman will endorse a candidate in Tuesday's presidential election, and the short answer is that we won't be doing that.

  • Iowa Paper's Romney Endorsement Sinks Like Stone: Countdown Day 4

    WASHINGTON -- A week ago, The Des Moines Register surprised the political world by endorsing Mitt Romney for president, the first time the storied Iowa newspaper had endorsed a Republican since President Richard Nixon in 1972. Having spent tons of ...

  • Letter: Unhappy with endorsement of rubber-stamping Nelson

    Some subscribing friends shared pleasant news on endorsements for Mitt Romney and Rep. Bill Posey in Sunday's paper. Your editorial board's tie vote between President Obama and Romney was disappointing.

  • Endorsements for local Dems

    State Senate candidate Amy Hope Witryol (D-Lewiston) received endorsements this week from the Sierra Club's Atlantic Chapter and the Western New York Council of the Communications Workers of America in her campaign against State Sen. George ...

  • Shula still a leader in endorsement game

    The famous jaw isn't as sharply chiseled as it once was, but Don Shula still knows how to use his money-maker to make a point.

  • Why Did My Newspaper Do That? Cape Ann's interests are primary basis of ...

    That's the endorsement season. And if you've been following the Opinion pages of the Gloucester Daily Times and our online gloucestertimes.

  • Compendium of newspapers' endorsements for president

    Opinions. Compendium of newspapers' endorsements for president. Tweet · Share. Posted: Nov 02, 2012, 10:53 pm. Romney has best chance to end gridlock.

  • Chris Gibson, Julian Schreibman tout endorsements in NY 19th Congressional ...

    Chris Gibson and Democratic challengers Julian Schreibman - the two candidates in New York's 19th Congressional District - are emphasizing their endorsements as the race enters the home stretch. Schreibman, of Stone Ridge, this week picked up the ...

  • Springing endorsements later than usual

    Two years ago, the Vermont Troopers Association endorsed Democrat Peter Shumlin for governor Sept. 22, right after the primary.

  • Joe Lieberman on Endorsements and Senate Road Trips

    The Last Days of Joementum. Joe Lieberman on Endorsements and Senate Road Trips. Interview by MARK LEIBOVICH. Published: November 2, 2012.

  • SD mayor makes rare school board endorsements

    After steering clear of the education debate that has become an issue with his would-be successors, Mayor Jerry Sanders announced rare endorsements in the school board election Friday. Sanders endorsed Bill Ponder in the race to replace Shelia Jackson ...

  • 2012 election endorsements

    32nd state Senate District: Robert Kane's commendable record of public service has extended from the Watertown Town Council to the state Legislature.

  • Mitt Romney Snags Des Moines Register Endorsement

    Iowa's largest newspaper has endorsed Mitt Romney, delivering a blow to President Barack Obama, who it endorsed in 2008.

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