Monday, November 12, 2012

Electric vehicles

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations In National Parks Appearing Around The ...

    From a single neighborhood electric vehicle at a historic ranch in Yellowstone National Park to an entire string of charging stations that lead up to Great Smoky Mountain National Park, electric vehicles and a growing green fleet will help preserve the ...

  • Price of Electric Vehicles Shows "Disconnect," Study Says

    There is a "disconnect" between the reality of the cost of an electric vehicle and the cost savings that consumers want to achieve, according to J.D.

  • BMW Exec Reaffirms Commitment To Plug-In Cars

    That development will go into BMW i's first two products, the i3 urban electric car, and the i8 plug-in hybrid sports car.

  • San Francisco aims for electric vehicle leadership

    In late September, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee stood on a stage in Justin Herman Plaza in front of a hundred or so electric vehicle enthusiasts and predicted that the San Francisco Giants would make the Major League baseball playoffs and that the Bay ...

  • Ford Triples Dealers Who Can Sell Electric, Plug-In Hybrids

    In case you haven't noticed, there's a hybrid, plug-in and all-electric vehicle war raging in the U.S. new car market right now and Ford is one of the parties engaged in it.

  • Price Is Major Factor for Electric Vehicles, Study Says

    Money talks. And unless automakers can make a better economic case to consumers who are considering an all-electric vehicle, like the Nissan Leaf, or a plug-in electric, like the Chevrolet Volt, these alternative-fuel vehicles will remain a very small ...

  • Charging Your Electric Car Away From Home

    According to some automotive experts, electric cars will replace gasoline-powered cars as the next dominant automobile. Electric vehicles hold many advantages over the gas-powered car: The motor is less complex, electric cars do not emit exhaust, and ...

  • Car Sharing: The Job For Which Electric Cars Are Already Perfect

    Short range is little issue on a car which may only be used for a few miles at a time. Cities with electric car-sharing schemes benefit from investment by those companies to install charging points too--so finding a plug is rarely an issue.

  • Fleets Vital to China's Electric Car Revolution

    Struggling electric vehicle (EV) maker BYD got a major boost last week when Beijing announced an innovative new plan to stimulate an anemic industry whose sales have failed to take off despite generous government support.

  • Nearly 50 Vehicle Debuts Confirmed for the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show

    9 for the public. Just two weeks away, the show will feature world debuts ranging from electric vehicles to performance and luxury designs from a global array of the world's top automakers.

  • Is an Electric Pickup in Our Future?

    It wasn't that long ago when the idea of fully electric cars had some pundits saying it would never happen, but they are here.

  • The Truth About Electric Cars

    "How can you say you're a supporter of electric cars when you predict only 1% market penetration by 2020?" This was a question I was asked during a recent alternative energy finance meeting I attended.

  • Oklahoma City adds electric cars to fleet

    Oklahoma City has added two electric cars to its fleet in an attempt to cut down on fuel costs. The city has its own charging station soon to go live near the Civic Center Music Hall downtown, and charging stations for the public could be installed ...

  • 'Fast charger' refuels electric cars in a quick 90 minutes

    What's 90 minutes? A movie, a soccer game, a load of laundry? In that same time, a "fast charger" unveiled this week by Volvo could fully juice up your electric vehicle. For those who don't know, charge time of all-electric vehicles can be a ...

  • Considering driving electric? Find out about it Saturday in San Juan

    Considering driving electric? Find out about it Saturday in San Juan. You can test-drive a couple of plug-in electric vehicles and hear local owners describe their experiences with PEVs at a presentation by the California Center for Sustainable Energy ...

  • Electric vehicle prices must fall for sales to take off -study

    DETROIT Nov 8 (Reuters) - U.S. sales of plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles are rising, but they won't gain real traction until manufacturers lower prices and demonstrate clear economic benefits, market researcher J.D.

  • The Most Successful Electric Car Cities (+ Infographic)

    Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular, as people and cities all over the world have started recognizing their advantages and introducing initiatives to promote the use of the plug-in transport option.

  • How Improved Batteries Will Make Electric Vehicles Competitive

    There are plenty of reasons why electric cars aren't catching on, but one problem is certain: the batteries cost far too much.

  • Texas suburban dad takes on an American-made electric car: Behind the wheel ...

    For a commuter city in the Lone Star state that values largesse, and that includes oversized gas guzzlers that fit everything from children to dogs to the kitchen sink, can Chevy convince a typical suburban dad that an American-made electric vehicle ...

  • Munich, Germany Parlays Reputation for Car Culture into Electric Vehicle ...

    With Munich as the capital of the Bavarian home of BMW and Audi, among many other automotive-sector leaders, it is not surprising to discover that Munich is also leading the way in innovating on electric car technology and is introducing consumer-ready ...

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