Monday, November 12, 2012

Election 2012

  • Popular vote Election 2012 results: Allen West Patrick Murphy and 6 other ...

    (CNN) -- Seven days after voters cast ballots, a slate of races for the U.S. House of Representatives remain unresolved with vote tallies that are too close to call.

  • Election 2012 takeaway: Diversity here to stay

    WASHINGTON (AP) - It's not just the economy, stupid. It's the demographics - the changing face of America. The 2012 elections drove home trends that have been embedded in the fine print of birth and death rates, immigration statistics and census ...

  • Election 2012 - Ballots or Bullets?

    IT IS ... days to election 2012. The anxiety of Ghanaians increase by the day, as the election approaches. Every day, the airwaves are filled with political discussions in both English and local languages.

  • Election 2012: 'We told God to go to hell' (Your views)

    The Republicans did not lose the U.S. election because of constituencies or demographics. Neither is Barack Obama the problem.

  • Election 2012: Do Government Programs Produce Government-Friendly Voters?

    Election 2012: Do Government Programs Produce Government-Friendly Voters? November 12, 2012 By Bill Blankschaen Leave a Comment.

  • Election 2012 - What Went Wrong Part 1

    Election 2012 - What Went Wrong Part 1. Posted by Randy Hollenbeck on Nov. 12, 2012 5:00 a.m. | 0 comments · 2012 Election, Mitt Romney, Obama, Paul Ryan, Tammy Baldwin, Tommy Thompson.

  • Can Nation Torn Apart By Politics Come Together?

    Not in America. Not even now that Election 2012 is behind us at last. "I think we are much more divided," said Elder, who heard similar concerns when she made get-out-the-vote calls during the campaign.

  • Election 2012 lacks language of a 'mandate'

    So far, that's not been the case during this election honeymoon and we hope it stays that way. President Obama did not use that term during his victory speech in the early morning hours of Wednesday.

  • FL Election 2012 update: Allen West loses, won't concede, awaits limited recount

    No sooner than the 2012 presidential race results had finally been finalized in Florida (the "Ain't No Sunshine Come Election TIme" State of Confusion), and the attention had shifted over to the 18th U.S. congressional district race, where Democratic ...

  • Election 2012 in Florida leaves behind plenty of criticism and questions.

    Rick Scott and local civil rights leaders agree on, it's that the state needs to take a fresh look at election procedures in Florida, the last state to report results in the 2012 presidential race. But that's about all they agree on. On Saturday ...

  • Secession petitions filed on White House Web site

    While most of the petitions come from states that supported Mitt Romney in last week's election, a few swing states and even the deep blue Northeast are represented.

  • Election 2012: Record number of students vote in UC

    Thus, the percentage of voter turnout actually decreased from 52.5 percent in 2008 to 44.2 percent in 2012, according to the Allegheny County Pennsylvania Election Detail District Report. According to that same report, 1,724 Carnegie Mellon students ...

  • Election 2012: Three Changes Voters Need To See

    1) Move future elections to the weekend. Why, oh why, do we insist on voting on Tuesday? The answer goes back to 1845, when our agrarian society and slower means of travel made Tuesday the most practical day.

  • Winners and Losers From Election 2012

    President Barack Obama won a second sweeping national victory Tuesday, far exceeding the electoral vote expectations that many had projected for him and proving that the coalition that he built in 2008 (young people, African-Americans, Hispanics) is ...

  • ELECTION 2012: USCCB Faces Criticism from Parishoners, Other Bishops for ...

    The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops spent more time and political capital than ever before in trying to influence the 2012 elections. Framing the Democratic party's platform as an "assault on religious freedom," letters from local bishops ...

  • ELECTION 2012: Women Told the Nation, Loud and Clear, This Election was ...

    Women have spoken. And they told the nation, loud and clear, that this election was about the economy and jobs. Some pundits and politicians didn't get it, though.

  • Election 2012: County board to determine terms of office, elect chairman

    BELVIDERE - Now that the 2012 general election is over the Boone County Board has some housekeeping chores to tend to.

  • Election 2012: Did Prince William live up to the hype?

    That's how important this community seemed to some political commentators going into last Tuesday's presidential election. Both campaigns devoted unprecedented amounts of attention to Prince William County, Manassas and Manassas Park, convinced ...

  • Election 2012 Isn't Over Yet in Some California Races

    The nasty campaigning might be over - but the results of seven very close California races are not yet in and some candidates have been reluctant to concede defeat.

  • Election 2012 winners and losers: From Big Bird to Big Soda to Big Coal

    Well, the election's over, and another storied chapter of American political drama has now passed into the history books. Before you rush out to start your Christmas shopping, here's a fond look back at the winners and losers of Election 2012. Winners ...

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