Sunday, November 11, 2012

Election 2012

  • FL Election 2012 update: Allen West loses, won't concede, awaits limited recount

    No sooner than the 2012 presidential race results had finally been finalized in Florida (the "Ain't No Sunshine Come Election TIme" State of Confusion), and the attention had shifted over to the 18th U.S. congressional district race, where Democratic ...

  • Winners and Losers From Election 2012

    President Barack Obama won a second sweeping national victory Tuesday, far exceeding the electoral vote expectations that many had projected for him and proving that the coalition that he built in 2008 (young people, African-Americans, Hispanics) is ...

  • Lessons learned from Election 2012

    Arguably, that's what happened with President Obama and congressional Democrats between 2008 and 2010 and then with congressional Republicans between 2010 and 2012. Neither party should read a mandate from the election returns this year, and ...

  • Election 2012: The biggest, baddest and weirdest

    Every election produces new winners and losers. It also triggers inevitable questions such as "What was the biggest surprise?

  • Changes coming to president's circle

    Politics/Election 2012 · Detroit · Wayne County · Oakland County · Macomb County · Metro Detroit · Michigan · Nation/World · Rochelle Riley · Eric Millikin · Lottery results · Weather · Woodward Dream Cruise.

  • Election 2012: Most polls were right

    President Barack Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney took a lot of flak during the election campaign from each other and outside groups, but a close third behind them in the heat-absorption department: pollsters.

  • LETTERS: Election 2012: Barack Obama's Second Term

    LETTERS: Election 2012: Barack Obama's Second Term. By Our readers on Sun, Nov 11, 2012 Tweet. view comments. Voters Just Wrote America's Obituary.

  • Election 2012: Jails, probation benefit from Prop. 30

    When voters passed Proposition 30 last week, schools were seen as the big winners, but they're not the only ones. Jails and probation offices got a boost too.

  • Election 2012: Fresno teachers union suffered rare loss

    When voters elected Fresno Unified school board trustees last week, they bucked a trend, bypassing candidates endorsed by the teachers union for two incumbents and a newcomer.

  • Election 2012: To the victor go the spoils

    Congratulations to you and your supporters for your victory Tuesday. I did not vote for you because I do not agree with many of your past actions.

  • US election 2012: Why 'leading from behind' might not be the best way to take ...

    US election 2012: Why 'leading from behind' might not be the best way to take American forward. The Obama administration also appears at times to be drifting, reacting to crises rather than mapping out a clear strategy, writes Anne Applebaum.

  • Election 2012: Shot at and Missed

    The battle is over, and pundits now stroll to the battlefield and shoot the survivors. I have used this bully pulpit to urge that Indians bloc vote only when threatened as Indians.

  • Election 2012: Schadenfreude with a Smile

    To listen to some of my friends, the world is about to end. With the reelection of Barack Obama the Communization (or was that Islamization?

  • Week in Review: Election 2012, Grocery Store Strike, Paragon Outlet Frenzy

    Check out our Facebook page to see what readers where saying about the election in one word and what their response was to President Obama's re-election. Eric Swalwell beat out long-time incumbent, Pete Stark, on Tuesday. Watch the video of Swalwell ...

  • Lessons from the 2012 election

    Wisdom can be found in many places. Whenever I encounter some momentous event with winners and losers, I try to discern broader lessons to apply elsewhere.

  • Election 2012: How the region voted

    Election 2012: How the region voted. November 11, 2012. The OBSERVER. Save | Post a comment | Bookmark and Share. By LIZ SKOCZYLAS.

  • ELECTION 2012: Democrats post major Riverside County gains

    Until last week, Democrats were 0-for-some-20-years in legislative and congressional races in western Riverside County, where the party's candidates have often been little more than sacrificial lambs during campaign season.

  • Issue One: Election 2012

    I am so happy that the election is finally over. I wasn't at all shocked at the outcome. The better presidential candidate won.

  • Pitts: Election 2012 by the numbers

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  • Election 2012 winners and losers: From Big Bird to Big Soda to Big Coal

    Well, the election's over, and although some places -- we're looking at you, Florida -- are still trying to confirm who won, another storied chapter of American political drama has now passed into the history books.

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