Saturday, November 10, 2012

Election 2012

  • Election 2012 winners and losers: From Big Bird to Big Soda to Big Coal

    Well, the election's over, and although some places -- we're looking at you, Florida -- are still trying to confirm who won, another storied chapter of American political drama has now passed into the history books.

  • US election 2012: the inside track on Obama's victory and Romney's defeat

    "Project Orca is the Republican Party's newest and most technologically advanced plan to win the 2012 presidential election," the Romney campaign boasted. "Thousands of volunteers have been trained and certified in order to legally be in the polling ...

  • ELECTION 2012: Ruiz takes seat; Bono Mack concedes

    Inland Rep. Mary Bono Mack conceded defeat for her 36th Congressional District seat late Friday, Nov. 9, following the release of updated results from Riverside County that showed Democratic challenger Raul Ruiz widening his lead by more than 2,500 ...

  • Election 2012 'diminished the currency of our aspirations'

    Election 2012 'diminished the currency of our aspirations'. Print Email. 2012-11-10T00:00:00Z 2012-11-08T15:41:03Z Election 2012 'diminished the currency of our aspirations' Sioux City Journal. 1 hour ago. (0) Comments. WASHINGTON -- Four-year-old ...

  • Election 2012: Campaign memories

    When the curtain came down on the 2012 election this week, it marked the end of the coverage by Des Moines Register reporters and editors who had been on the campaign trail aside the candidates from the beginning more than two years earlier.

  • ELECTION 2012: A little blue, a little red, a lot of Brown in Plymouth

    The numbers don't lie, but then again, they often don't do a good job of explaining themselves. When it came to turnout, Tuesday's election had no losers. Overall, Plymouth turned out 76.1 percent of its voters, or just less than 30,000. The lowest ...

  • Election 2012 and the Future of American Democracy

    Ten years ago, I authored an unconventional analysis about the future of American democracy. I was concerned about the civic health of the United States; and I posed a rhetorical question -- "Is America Dying?

  • Election 2012 results: President Obama calls on House to pass tax hikes for ...

    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Flush with re-election vigor, President Barack Obama called Friday for House Republicans to immediately pass a bill already approved by the Senate to extend current tax rates for middle class Americans while allowing a tax hike for ...

  • The Top 10 Hits of Election 2012

    By The Rev. Madison Shockley. 1. "He Got 99 Problems but Mitt Ain't One"—Yes, President Obama has won another term and that reality is immediately apparent in the looming fiscal cliff, continued storms and Sandy recovery in the Northeast, a European ...

  • Election 2012: Religion and the Results

    BOB ABERNETHY, host: Like many others in the nation, faith groups are assessing the impact of this week's election. According to exit polls, President Obama won a slight majority of Catholic voters overall, thanks largely to strong support from Latino ...

  • Tennessee Election 2012 Results for U.S. House, Per District

    Of the nine districts represented in Tennessee in the United States House of Representatives, seven boasted Republican wins and two boasted Democrat wins this election year. There were 13 Independents running and five green candidates as well, but ...

  • Election 2012: America's new mandate on climate change

    About this article. Close this popup. Election 2012: America's new mandate on climate change | Richard Schiffman. This article was published on guardian.

  • ELECTION 2012: ALLEN PARK: School millage renewed by wide margin

    ELECTION 2012: ALLEN PARK: School millage renewed by wide margin. Published: Saturday, November 10, 2012. By Dave Herndon Twitter: @NHDaveH.

  • Florida election 2012 results: Hispanic support for Democrats growing in Florida

    In record numbers, Florida Hispanics backed President Obama and other Democratic candidates in Tuesday's election, highlighting a source of future growth for one party while signaling big problems for Republicans.

  • ELECTION 2012: Near record turnout results in numerous voting issues

    Besides giving out the results, precinct-by-precinct, to an eager audience Tuesday night, Town Clerk Laurence Pizer also entertained them with stories of jammed ballot boxes, unusual voting requests, and the subtleties of election law.

  • Election 2012: Colorado counties presidential, marijuana results

    Election 2012: Colorado counties presidential, marijuana results. by iNews Network Staff; on November 7, 2012; in Election · Leave a comment.

  • ELECTION 2012: WYANDOTTE: City clerk says elections have become too ...

    ELECTION 2012: WYANDOTTE: City clerk says elections have become too complicated. Published: Saturday, November 10, 2012. By Jim Kasuba Twitter: @JKasuba.

  • Election 2012 Aftermath: How About a Code of Conduct for Elected Officials?

    Now that the 2012 presidential campaign is over and the people have spoken, it's time to move ahead. Our country faces overwhelming economic challenges and looming deadlines, including a "fiscal cliff" of tax increases and severe spending cuts, ...

  • Electoral College, Election 2012 results update: Dems claim victory even as ...

    MIAMI (AP) -- Florida Democrats claimed a victory in the presidential race on Thursday even as election supervisors were still counting votes and the margin between President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney remained tight.

  • Few though colorful write-in votes cast in Charlottesville in Election 2012

    As Electoral Boards across Virginia completed their election canvasses in the days since unofficial results were released Tuesday night, lists of write-in votes have begun to trickle out.

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