Thursday, November 1, 2012

Election 2012

  • Tribal leaders push for big Indian voter turnout

    Presidential election 2012: Tribal leaders push for big Indian voter turnout. 0. MTV +20 Pts; Email; Print. By ASSOCIATED PRESS | 11/1/12 11:11 AM EDT.

  • Election 2012: Romney and the Jews

    WASHINGTON - Mitt Romney's record as a moderate Republican governor would seem to have made him ideally suited to peel off Jewish votes from President Obama.

  • Presidential Election 2012: Let the Best Brand Win

    Political leaders have known for centuries what commercial organizations have recently discovered: The most successful brands are rooted in universal human Ideals.

  • Snapp Shots: Divisive Election 2012 can't end soon enough

    I don't know about you, but I can't wait for this election to be over. Remember how much fun 2008 was? That's how much I've hated every second of this race.

  • Election 2012: Drawing the wrong conclusions in advance

    If Mitt Romney loses the election, moderate forces within the Republican Party will argue that it was because Tea Party extremists moved him too far to the right during the primaries, and the media will amplify those voices.

  • THE RACE: Stumping resumes before key jobs report

    Both President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney charged into battleground states on the eve of the last big government economic report before next week's election: Friday's unemployment report for October. It should show whether previous month's jobless ...

  • VP Ryan? Prof. Ryan? GOP nominee's future unclear

    They say that if he fails, Ryan's instincts will be to return to the House - he is running for re-election to his House seat at the same time he's Romney's running mate - and resume his role as Budget Committee chairman.

  • Indiana election 2012: U.S. Senate race stays tight for Joe Donnelly, Richard ...

    Candidates for Indiana's U.S. Senate seat -- Democrat Joe Donnelly (from left), Libertarian Andrew Horning and Republican Richard Mourdock -- participate Oct. 23, 2012, in a debate in New Albany, Ind. / Michael Conroy, Associated Press ...

  • Election 2012 is new social media era of hashtags, likes and tweets

    The 2012 campaign is really the second presidential contest to occur within the modern concept of social media. The online battleground featured much the same terrain as 2008, which in turn represented the culmination of trends running from 2000 ...

  • Romney blasted over auto ads

    Chrysler and General Motors also have protested the Romney ads, as the 2009 bailout was pushed to the forefront of the White House campaign in a key battleground just days before Tuesday's election. "They're trying to scare the living devil out of a ...

  • An Election 2012 Who's Who in yard signs

    Saranac Lake, NY, Nov 01, 2012 - Every autumn campaign lawn signs are found sprouting up all across the North Country. They arrive and disappear along with the fall leaves.

  • Election 2012: Kaptur, Joe the Plumber, Stipe run to represent District 9

    U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, the most senior woman in the U.S. House of Representatives, is facing Samuel Wurzelbacher in the race to represent District 9, a sprawling area that includes Toledo and parts of Cleveland.

  • Civil rights group to monitor Election Day 'hot spots'

    A leading civil rights organization has identified more than 30 cities and counties in nine states as possible "Election Day Hot Spots" for attempted suppression of voters through intimidation, deception or challenges to their eligibility.

  • The HomoPolitico : Election 2012: I Know You're Tired, But...

    After months... hell, years... of campaign emails, commercials, talking heads, and "breaking news," it's the final stretch of Election 2012. And let's be honest-- we're all tired. We've yelled at the TV during debates, FaceBooked our fingers off, and ...

  • Election 2012: Not waiting to decide

    De Pere residents Carol, right, and Bernie Marcinkowski get ready to fill out their ballots Tuesday morning, Oct. 30, during in-office absentee voting at De Pere City Hall ahead of the fall general election next week. / Todd McMahon/The De Pere Journal ...

  • Election 2012: Two Democrats challenge incumbent Republicans in Flemington

    FLEMINGTON - When borough voters go to the polls on Tuesday they will have a choice of four candidates for two three-year seats on Borough Council.

  • Election 2012: Amendment 8 backers look to rescind 19th century provision

    NAPLES - Twelve lines on next week's ballot require Floridians to decide whether a 137-year-old ban on religious funding will be scrubbed out of the state constitution.

  • What About an Election 'Cliff'? Here's What Could Happen

    "I do think there's a chance we will not know on Wednesday morning the 7th who won," said Greg Valliere, chief political strategist at Potomac Research Group in Washington, D.C.

  • Election 2012: Grabowski knows unseating Lipinski in 3rd Congressional a ...

    That's how challenger Richard Grabowski described his campaign to beat incumbent and second-generation 3rd Congressional District Rep. Daniel Lipinski in this year's election. Lipinski has held the seat since 2005. Although their stance on the need to ...

  • Presidential Election 2012 Nate Silver and 538 Blog Have Obama Winning ...

    Nate Silver is considered to be one of the best polling analysts in the country. His Five Thirty Eight blog over at the New York Times is quite frankly a one-stop shop for insightful analysis of what's going on in the presidential and congressional ...

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