Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Derek tyndall thomas dale

  • Derek Tyndall And Thomas Dale, Mount Rainier Snowboarders, Almost ...

    SEATTLE (AP) - Fresh snow is so deep on Mount Rainier that rescuers searching for two snowboarders lost in a storm have to "swim" through it to make progress, a national park spokeswoman said Tuesday.


  • Snowboarders Stranded Atop Mount Rainier

    ... Atop Mount Rainier. Search party regroups to continue efforts to find Derek Tyndall and Thomas Dale. VIDEO: Dan Abrams discusses the case against student accused of killing his mother.


  • Search continues for 2 snowboarders lost on Mount Rainier

    According to Mount Rainier National Park spokesman Kevin Bacher, the two men, 21-year-old Derek Tyndall and 20-year-old Thomas Dale, called 9-1-1 by cell phone Sunday afternoon to report that they had gotten lost while descending from Camp Muir.


  • 2 snowboarders stranded 2 nights on Mount Rainier

    The national park says searchers had a brief sighting Monday of two men believed to be 21-year-old Derek Tyndall and 20-year-old Thomas Dale. But they were unable to reach them before darkness and weather forced them back. The two had no overnight ...


  • Trapped snowboarders will have to spend a 2nd night on Mount Rainier

    Mount Rainier National Park spokesman Kevin Bacher said searchers are "95 percent sure" that the people they contacted are Derek Tyndall and Thomas Dale, the two missing snowboarders who called 911 on Sunday to report they were trapped in a ...


  • Two Snowboarders Stranded On Mount Rainier After Blizzard Conditions

    The snowboarders, ages 20 and 21, spoke with rescuers by phone around 7 am on Monday and have been identified as Derek Tyndall and Thomas Dale, reports KING5-TV. The two men went snowboarding on Sunday, but got stuck on their descent down ...


  • Snowboarders forced to spend another night on Mount Rainier

    The snowboarders, identified as Derek Tyndall of Sumner, 21, and Thomas Dale, 20, are thought to be between Paradise and Camp Muir at 7,500 feet.


  • 2 snowboarders stranded on Mount Rainier

    Bacher identified them as Derek Tyndall and Thomas Dale. He says the men are cold but not hurt. They took shelter overnight by digging a snow cave.


  • Two snowboarders stuck in storm on Mount Rainier

    UPDATE: Snowboarders Derek Tyndall and Thomas Dale called 911 about 4:30 p.m. Sunday to say they were lost in blizzard-like conditions on Mount Rainier.


  • Rescuers locate 2 Mount Rainier snowboarders

    ... their condition. She says it could be a while before the snowboarders get off the mountain, depending on whether they can walk out on their own or need help.


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