Saturday, November 17, 2012

David petraeus affair

  • David Petraeus affair scandal highlights email privacy issues

    Privacy buffs have struggled for years to make their fight to keep law enforcement out of email feel personal - and now they've got a face.

  • David Petraeus conveys regret for affair

    Ex-CIA Director David Petraeus, who was whisked clandestinely into private meetings with Congress to avoid reporters, expressed regret anew Friday in an appearance that marked his first official business since he resigned in disgrace over an ...

  • The Petraeus affair's resulting witch hunt

    Washington superlawyer Joseph Califano once passed a message to a client being grilled by a congressional committee that read: "Keep cool in Kabul.

  • The clownish aftermath of the Petraeus affair

    Can anyone seriously dispute that Attorney General Eric Holder was aware as early as last August that former CIA Director David Petraeus was being investigated by the FBI? An investigation that would uncover his affair with his biographer? Once again ...

  • David Petraeus regrets affair with Paula Broadwell and always believed ...

    Paula Broadwell, the woman whose alleged affair with CIA director David Petraeus, led to his resignation. Deborah Lutterbeck reports.

  • Petraeus affair underscores U.S. military hypocrisy

    It would seem, as David Petraeus has admitted to the affair and it apparently rises to the standard of military prosecutorial guidelines, that a court-martial would be forthcoming.

  • MILTON TYLER: Petraeus affair: The murder of a marriage

    SAN ANGELO, Texas - The adulterous affair of Gen. David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell has recently been the primary focus of the news industry.

  • The AC360 Weekly Buzz: David Petraeus' affair, Superstorm Sandy powerless ...

    The scandal surrounding David Petraeus' affair and resignation has become more complicated with each passing day.

  • David Petraeus affair scandal tests Washington code

    David Petraeus' affair with his biographer, and a related story about Gen. John Allen's flirtatious emailing with a married Florida woman, is a case study in the staffer-boss Washington code.

  • For Petraeus, echoes of that other warrior David

    Petraeus-Biographers and Subjects. INTERNATIONAL SECURITY ASSISTANCE FORCE/JULY 2011In religious terms, how will history remember retired Army Gen.

  • Petraeus affair: Why 'Resolute' Obama is the right man to guide America ...

    Among the unexpected was the affair between CIA Director General David Petraeus and his biographer Paula Broadwell, turning an exemplary modern military career into a tawdry Real Housewives of Tampa episode.

  • Too many a fond fool serves mad jealousy

    Some version of Lodovico's amazement was dancing on a lot of American lips last week as the affair, or affairs, involving Gen.

  • America and the Petraeus affair

    His paramour Paula Broadwell wrote his worshipful biography All In: The Education of General David Petraeus, that "read something like a love letter to the general".

  • Petraeus Affair: Jill Kelley Claims 'Threats' in Pleading Email to Mayor

    The woman who sparked an FBI investigation that eventually led to the downfall of CIA chief David Petraeus sent a pleading email to her town's mayor claiming she's recently been the target of "threats.

  • Kyra Phillips Speaks To David Petraeus About Affair (VIDEO)

    HLN's Krya Phillips revealed on Thursday that she has had a series of off-camera conversations with David Petraeus in the days following his resignation as CIA director.

  • Petraeus Investigation: CIA Looking Into Conduct Of Ex-Chief After Affair

    After he took the helm in Afghanistan, Broadwell expanded her work into a biography, gaining unprecedented access to Petraeus and his commanders.

  • Does The General Petraeus Affair Signal That It's Time For A New Strategy In ...

    First, General David Petraeus gets caught in an affair because his jealous soccer-mom-mistress thinks he has cheated on her with another woman.

  • Buckholtz: Military families have bigger problems than David Petraeus' affair

    'I have no words, no questions," Penelope proclaims after seeing her husband, Odysseus, for the first time in 20 years, after he has made his way home from fighting in the Trojan War.

  • David Petraeus affair: Congress still wants him to testify, as questions grow

    Washington. David Petraeus's abrupt resignation as CIA director Friday over an extramarital affair is unlikely to spare him the glare of congressional testimony, which he had been scheduled for this week.

  • David Petraeus' Affair: Could This Happen To You?

    The sudden resignation of CIA Director and Four Star General David Petraeus on Friday stunned the nation (if not many parts of the world) and still has the security and military worlds spinning.

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