Friday, November 2, 2012

Credit cards

  • Credit Card Movies: How to Fund Cinematic Dreams

    But if it wasn't for his credit cards, the movie wouldn't have been made. He reportedly applied for five bank credit cards and combined them with store credit cards he was already using. According to reports, he bought raw film stock with his ...

  • 5 credit card traps to avoid

    One of the big draws of new credit cards is a low interest rate. But what you might not notice are the subtle caveats to the special rate that's prominently shown.

  • Report: Google to Launch Credit Card for Google Wallet

    However, in reality, we're still a ways a way from that being the norm. Many places don't yet have tap and pay technology and still require you pay with cold hard cash or plastic.

  • Presidential Plastic: Which Credit Cards do They Carry?

    The only credit card we know our current head of state carries is the metaphorical corporate one for U.S.A. Inc. Just like an American Express card, it comes without preset spending limits.

  • How Small Biz Owners Should Choose the Right Credit Card

    Many small business owners research the right financing. But once they launch, they tend to forget a key financial topic: choosing the right credit card. Since the correct card can save your business significant funds, it's vital to examine the key ...

  • Canadians ready to use smartphones like credit cards to pay for purchases: poll

    Almost half of Canadians with smartphones would consider using their devices like credit cards to pay for everyday purchases, a poll released Friday suggests.

  • Weekly Credit Card Rate Report: Credit card interest rates rise

    The average is comprised of 100 of the most popular credit cards in the country, including cards from dozens of leading U.S.

  • Earning Credit Card Rewards Like A Pro with Flexible Reward Points

    Therefore the effective exchange ratio is 1: 1.25, which means that members earn more points per dollar spent with the Starwood than they do with most credit cards. The downsides are few. First, the American Express Starwood Preferred Guest card is the ...

  • Credit cards crank up their VIP offers

    One recent night in New York, roughly 2,700 concertgoers gathered at Lincoln Center for a private show by R&B star Alicia Keys.

  • 6 Worst Credit Cards

    While banks are offering near-zero introductory credit card interest rates as they compete to attract card users, others are stacking up on fees they charge.

  • Look out, Cardholder Services: The FTC is calling back

    The Federal Trade Commission says it has shut down five more companies engaged in a widespread scheme: deceptive robocalls, or automated pitches, promising help reducing consumers' credit-card interest rates. The companies, based in Arizona or ...

  • Superstorm Sandy can teach us some valuable credit card lessons.

    0 comments | Like it Don't like it. loading. With everyone focused on Hurricane Sandy -- sorry, the renamed Superstorm Sandy -- it seems like a good time to do a run through a few dos and don't of using credit cards before and after a disaster.

  • Four Credit Card Strategies That Can Burn You

    Credit cards can be a great tool for earning money back on purchases, scoring merchant discounts and qualifying for added perks and benefits in many product categories.

  • SC taxpayers' Social Security numbers, credit cards hacked

    The South Carolina Department of Revenue is providing affected taxpayers a year of credit monitoring after a hacker stole information including 3.6 million Social Security numbers and 387,000 credit and debit card numbers from its computer systems.

  • Stamford man beaten and robbed for credit cards and cell phone

    The suspects allegedly went through the victim's pockets and took his credit cards and cell phone. Police say the three men took off running south on Atlantic Street.

  • Surging Credit Card Stocks Show Economy on the Mend

    That has been a boon to credit-card company profits and share prices - and it's a trend that looks sustainable even as other parts of the economy look increasingly uncertain.

  • Fuel consumption error leads Hyundai, Kia to issue credit cards to compensate ...

    Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. and Kia Canada Inc. said they were taking the extraordinary step to correct the fuel consumption rating on roughly 172,000 vehicles sold in Canada, and will be issuing special credit cards to their customers to compensate them ...

  • Myer inks card deal as battle for shoppers heats up

    "Retail and credit-card spending growth has slowed considerably so we expect more retailers and credit card providers to create new promotions and encourage their customers to return to their stores and make purchases on their credit cards," she said.

  • Credit Card Thief Targets OSU Athletes

    Authorities released surveillance photos Thursday of a suspect wanted in connection with the theft of credit cards taken from student athletes on The Ohio State University campus.

  • City may accept cards for utility bills

    The Payport program, provided by, would give citizens the option to pay via debit or credit cards by paying a 2.49 percent fee.

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