Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cops taser woman

  • Caught On Camera: Woman Goes Into Cardiac Arrest During Traffic Stop

    In March 2008, store security cameras in Charlotte, North Carolina captured 17-year-old Darryl Turner as police deployed a TASER model X-26 and electrocuted him following an argument with a store manager. The teenager collapsed just off camera and ...

  • Angela Jones, Los Angeles Woman, Suffers Cardiac Arrest After Being Shocked ...

    Angela Jones, a Los Angeles woman, suffered cardiac arrest after being shocked with a Taser gun by police during a traffic stop in June.

  • Report: LA officer used Taser on handcuffed woman

    Report: LA officer used Taser on handcuffed woman. Published November 18, 2012. Associated Press. Records show a Los Angeles police officer shocked a handcuffed woman with a stun gun while joking with fellow officers, in an incident caught on video.

  • 4 cops could be fired for Taser incident

    18 (UPI) -- Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck is seeking the dismissal of four officers seen laughing on video after one of them used a Taser on a handcuffed woman. The officers were suspended until August after the December 2010 incident, in which ...

  • Police: Taser used on drunk, combative woman

    Police: Taser used on drunk, combative woman By HEIDI HANSEN Cody Enterprise | 0 comments. Police used a Taser on a Cody woman who was allegedly drunk in the Dairy Queen parking lot Oct. 23 and refused to get into a patrol car. Ashley Overfield, 32 ...

  • Woman says police tased her while she was handcuffed

    A Muskogee woman says police used pepper spray and shocked her with a taser, while she was handcuffed to a hospital bed.

  • Transit police Taser woman in Surrey who brandished butcher's knife

    Transit Police arrived and repeatedly told the woman to drop the knife, Drennan said, but the woman continued to wave the knife and make slashing motions at her own throat.

  • Boy 'Recklessly' Tasered By Police Officer During Career Day, Lawsuit Says

    Police Taser a Woman for Refusing to Leave Drive-Thru. Police tasered a North Carolina woman after she refused to get out of a McDonald's drive-thru line.

  • Toddler Accidentally Tasered By San Diego Police Officer

    A San Diego police officer (not pictured) accidentally shot a 3-year-old girl with a taser on Friday afternoon.

  • LAPD officer used Taser on handcuffed woman

    A Los Angeles police officer shocked a handcuffed woman with a Taser stun gun while joking with other officers at the scene, according to interviews and law enforcement records, adding to a series of controversial use-of-force incidents at the LAPD.

  • Woman alleges man was shot after dropping bat

    A woman who said she was a witness to a confrontation that ended with a 19-year-old man shot to death by police officers told GreenvilleOnline.

  • Reality Bites: Border Wars

    Now, instead of repetitive crime solving formulas, Fox (COPS) and the like could put these "men and women of law enforcement" in your living room as they were chasing down a suspect or Tasering a homeless man (although that last one doesn't usually ...

  • Crimes Nearby: Cops Use Taser on East Quogue Man With Cocaine

    Southampton Village police say an unidentified woman stole two valuable bags from The Perfect Purse on Oct. 25, and now detectives are asking the public to help identify the suspect.

  • Cops: Woman stabbed in stomach by boyfriend at Adelitas Mexican Market in ...

    NORRISTOWN - A 53-year old woman was stabbed in the stomach inside the Adelitas Mexican Market Saturday evening, according to police reports. ... Police attempted to use a Taser to stop Hampton but the probes missed him completely. He then ...

  • SPENCER: A comedy of errors, minus the comedy in Main Line kidnap saga

    For all his intricate planning, Felder didn't seem to know that to incapacitate someone with a Taser you need to hold the trigger to keep the electricity flowing.

  • Reliance on tasers labelled 'lazy cop syndrome'

    Dr Alpert believes officers need to be better trained, telling 702 Mornings it's very important for them to understand how vulnerable different people are to a taser shock. "Whether it's a pregnant woman or someone who has some mental issues; using ...

  • Feel Safer Or You May Be An Enemy of the State

    What I find darkly amusing about the latter story is that, after a cursory mention of an innocent woman brutally tased to her near death, the bulk of the article is essentially a promo piece for the manufacturers of Tasers, assuring us that tasers are ...

  • South Windsor Police: Man Was Tasered After He Tried To Kick Officers

    He was in custody on $10,000 bail and was scheduled to appear in Superior Court in Manchester later in the day. According to police, officers were called to a domestic dispute at Burnham's home about 11:30 p.m. A woman sustained facial injuries during ...

  • Crime Nearby: International Hunt Catches Man

    An international manhunt has led to the arrest of a former Hicksville man wanted in the gruesome 2001 hit-and-run murder of an 80-year-old woman in Westbury. Sebastian Barba, 34, formerly of Hicksville, has been captured in Panama and returned to the ...

  • Eric Millikin: Bizarre clown and cop brawl caught on video

    KABC 7 says: "A bizarre brawl involving a clown and a Milwaukee police officer was caught on tape. ... 'The clown was resisting so the cop needed to do what he needed to do to make sure he was safe,' said Cooper who happened to be driving by. 'It was ...

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