Sunday, November 25, 2012


  • New Congress: More women and many newcomers, but fewer moderates make ...

    WASHINGTON - When the next Congress cranks up in January, there will be more women, many new faces and 11 fewer tea party-backed House Republicans from the class of 2010 who sought a second term.

  • Digvijaya slams Kejriwal for using Congress theme

    Bhubaneswar, Nov 25 - Congress leader Digvijaya Singh Sunday accused Arvind Kejriwal of naming his party after the Congress' slogan of "aam aadmi" (common man). By naming his party as Aam Admi, Kejriwal has reflected his intellectual bankruptcy, ...

  • Library of Congress puts Civil War artifacts on display

    This image provided by the Library of Congress shows a letter written by Mary Todd Lincoln to Julia Ann Sprigg, May 29, 1862, which is part of an exhibit at the Library of Congress of letters and diaries saved for 150 years from those who lived through ...

  • Analysis: Fiscal battles could sideline US immigration reform

    And Republicans in Congress, as a group, may not be eager to reverse long-held and deeply felt positions on immigration in an era when so many are vulnerable to primary election challenges from the right.

  • 9 more Iraq, Afghan war veterans joining Congress

    FILE This Nov. 6, 2012 file photo shows Iraq war veterans Rep.-elect Tulsi Gabbard in Honolulu. Veterans groups say the influx of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans in Congress is welcome because it comes at a time when the overall number of veterans in ...

  • Gregoire wants Congress to allow states to collect taxes from online retailers

    OLYMPIA, Wash. - Gov. Chris Gregoire's time in office may be best remembered for the major deals she helped broker, often in late-night bargaining sessions in which negotiators were ordered to find a resolution.

  • Kyl: Blame the media for the do-nothing Congress

    Reporters are partially to blame for the dismal job approval ratings of Congress, Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) says, attributing some of the gridlock and hyper-partisanship on the Hill to the 24-hour news cycle.

  • Congress: A rest home for old politicians

    I've got an idea that could break the gridlock in Congress. Not immediately, but by the time the next elections roll around.

  • Saxby Chambliss: One more Republican breaks ranks over anti-tax pledge

    The sharpest struggle in the lame-duck session of Congress, which picks up again on Monday, may well be within GOP ranks, as Republicans grapple with whether to relax a no-new-tax pledge that has been fixed party orthodoxy for nearly a generation.

  • Congress returns to Washington under pressure to reach budget deal, avert ...

    Congress returns to Washington on Monday with mounting pressure to reach a deal that would cut the federal deficit and avert a mix of $500 billion in tax increases and federal spending cuts by January 2. Awaiting them is an American public uneasy about ...

  • Congress wants the terrorist Twitter pages shut down

    Congress wants the terrorist Twitter pages shut down Seven members of Congress have asked the FBI to shutter the the Twitter accounts of terrorist groups Hamas, Hezbollah and al Shabaab.

  • Congress should choose wisely on jobless benefits

    Washington 's focus on the "fiscal cliff" - a potentially disastrous combination of tax hikes and spending cuts scheduled to go into effect Jan. 1 - has shifted attention away from the biggest problem in the economy, which is the more than 12 million ...

  • 'Lincoln' offers Congress lessons

    Daniel Day-Lewis, as Abraham Lincoln, addresses fellow legislators in a scene from the film 'Lincoln,' which was released Nov. 16.

  • Checklist to see if `fiscal cliff' deal rings true

    President Barack Obama and leaders of the lame-duck Congress may be just weeks away from shaking hands on a deal to avert the dreaded "fiscal cliff.

  • Battle-hardened double amputee to prospective congressional foes: 'Bring it'

    When Tammy Duckworth steps into Congress this January for her first term, she'll be carried by two prosthetic legs - and the potent notion that if she can survive a grenade blast while piloting a chopper, she surely can endure any political flak on ...

  • 'Not a Congress agent': Former CAG official RP Singh defends self

    Former CAG official RP Singh, who has stirred up a controversy, has rejected the allegations that the Congress has put him up to defend the Government on the audit report on 2G spectrum allocation which had estimated the presumptive loss of Rs 1.76 ...

  • Barney Frank On Low Congress Approval: 'I Don't Feel Guilty' Because Voters ...

    During a special edition of CNN's State of the Union featuring four outgoing lawmakers, retiring Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) offered up a harsh assessment for voters who are unhappy with the results of their electoral choices, saying that voters ought to ...

  • Telangana Congress MPs set December 9 deadline for separate statehood

    Hyderabad: Members of Parliament belonging to Congress party from Telangana have set December 9 as the deadline for the party leadership to make an announcement for separate statehood to the region.

  • Gujarat polls: BJP, Congress plagued by dissidence

    Ahmedabad: On the last day of the filing of nominations for phase I of Gujarat elections, major political parties, including the ruling BJP and opposition Congress continued to face dissidence from the disenchanted party members, who either decided to ...

  • Harvey Weinberg: Let Congress investigate Benghazi, but also Iraq

    Let Congress investigate the Benghazi fiasco. After all, four innocent Americans were murdered needlessly, an obvious security breach occurred, and our image throughout the world was disparaged.

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