Saturday, November 3, 2012


  • 'Communism camp' for China's future leaders

    By Boris Cambreleng (AFP) - 1 minute ago. JINGGANGSHAN, China - In the remote Jinggang mountains, China's future communist elite are being trained in Mao Zedong's former guerrilla base, an effort to buttress the revolutionary roots of a regime ...

  • Albanian communist-era dissident dies of burn wounds

    TIRANA Nov 2 (Reuters) - An Albanian communist-era dissident died on Friday of severe burns after he set himself on fire during a hunger strike calling for compensation for time spent in jail under communism. Lirak Bejko, 47, set himself on fire three ...

  • Resilient Romania Finds Advantage in a Crisis

    Mr. de Marco's unlikely pilgrimage eastward underscores how many of the European Union's former Communist states are proving remarkably resilient in weathering the crisis.

  • Obama's Communist Cooperation Campaign Proceeds Apace

    America's most prominent, dedicated communists support Barack Obama, and are actively campaigning on his behalf. If that sentence makes you uncomfortable, then you have two choices: continue reading and face your fear, or stop reading and get back to ...

  • Zong Tops China Billionaires as Communist-to-Capitalist

    Twenty-five years ago, when Zong Qinghou was 42, he made his living selling soft drinks and popsicles to schoolchildren. He says he earned about $8 a month -- less than a third of China's average wage at the time -- and was so broke that he once slept ...

  • Bill Clinton: "I'm not sure there are 81 communists left in Cuba."

    Former President Bill Clinton campaigned today for Democrat Patrick Murphy and mocked Republican Congressman Allen West in the northern fringes of South Florida.

  • Teachings of November Revolution

    "There are two 'ten days that shook the world' in the history of the revolutionary movement of the last century: the days of the October Revolution, described in John Reed's book of that title, and the Twentieth Congress of the Communist Party of the ...

  • 'DEW' drop memories of Kueneman…

    This comrade, the chubby cheeked Pieter Gerald Bartholomeuzs Kueneman was a man well versed with the clio-metrics of communism and the depth of human mind. This statue of Comrade Kueneman, a brilliant product of Royal College, Colombo, is best ...

  • Does Obama's new slogan 'Forward!' reek of Communism?

    Obama's new slogan isn't actually new. His people have just replaced one punctuation mark with another. The lowly period in the existing slogan has been replaced with an exclamation point to create Obama's new slogan "Forward!

  • A Quest for North Africa's Economic Recovery: Some Lessons from the Post ...

    In May 2012, the leaders of the G8 countries met in France in order to discuss an eventual support of the ongoing revolutionary processes of the Arab Spring.

  • Flyer: Bill Would Let Communists Teach

    Gary DeLong made the accusations in a Vietnamese-language flyer mailed in the 47th Congressional District, which has a large population of Vietnamese-Americans who endured communism in their native country, The Orange County Register reported ...

  • Can China Really Reform Crony Communism?

    NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- When China's new leaders take power in the coming months, they will face a Herculean task: Reforming the nation's bloated state-owned or controlled enterprises (SOEs).

  • Why Communism Works and Socialism Does Not

    If one were to ask 100 college students -- students who identify themselves as sympathetic to communism and hostile to capitalism -- ask them if they would favor a system in which "government withers on the vine," a system in which there is no ...

  • Unearthed: 1985 Trabant Tramp

    If you're political terminology isn't up to par, that was the name of the Communist East Germany following the country's division after World War II.

  • The US War on Communism, Drugs, and Terrorism in Colombia

    On Thursday 6th September the President of Colombia - Juan Manuel Santos - rejected a proposed bilateral ceasefire by FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) rebels aimed at bringing an end to Colombia's armed conflict.

  • How Communism Took Over Eastern Europe After World War II

    Soviet-built tanks wheel into action in a smoke-filled Budapest street during Hungary's rebellion against communist satellite government in October of 1956.

  • Albanian communist-era dissidents end hunger strike

    TIRANA (Reuters) - Six former political prisoners in Albania ended a 31-day hunger strike on Monday but promised to continue their fight for full compensation for time they spent in jail under communism. The protest hit the headlines in Albania when ...

  • Former Wife of Fallen Chinese Leader Tells of a Family's Paranoid Side

    Mr. Bo, the city's Communist Party chief, pointed to a stack of papers and said he had forensic reports that proved the existence of a continuing plot to poison his second wife, Gu Kailai.

  • Your letters: On the 1965 killings

    People who have never lived under a communist regime often have a rather oddly sympathetic, even at times romantic, notion of communism, ignoring the dreadful brutal realities of life under communist rule. At that time Sukarno was proudly boasting of ...

  • 'Mao: The Real Story' and 'Former People'

    "Communism is not love," Mao Zedong once famously pronounced. "Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy.

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