Saturday, November 3, 2012

Chris murphy election

  • Connecticut Nonpartisan Senate Guide, Linda McMahon vs. Christopher Murphy

    For more detailed info on any of Linda McMahon's positions, go to her Vote Smart page and click on the [....] to the right of issue you're interested in.

  • McMahon Not Ceding The Cities To Murphy, Hopes To Improve On 2010 Showing

    "We'll have 850 people, both volunteers and paid, to make sure we get out every vote for Barack Obama and Chris Murphy,'' said Jaqueline James, chairwoman of the city's Democratic Town Committee. "We have 10 vans around the city and 30 drivers … we ...

  • Courting City, Murphy Predicts Clean Election

    On a two-day quest for crucial New Haven votes, Chris Murphy stood in line for a hamburger at Louis' Lunch and then expressed in confidence in the integrity of the election process, while standing in a senior center plagued earlier this year with ...

  • Could Northwest Corner split ticket between Roraback and Murphy?

    Could voters in Connecticut's Northwest Corner split the ticket, voting for Republican Andrew Roraback in for the 5th District congressional seat and Democrat Chris Murphy for U.S. Senate? It's possible. ... I've had neighbors I would never vote for ...

  • 2012 election endorsements

    U.S. Senate: In the state Legislature and the U.S. House of Representatives, Democrat Chris Murphy has been a voice for progress and bipartisanship.

  • We Endorse No Candidate - Just Vote.

    Consider that the New York Times and the Hartford Courant - newspapers driven by liberal agendas - both endorsed three Democrats; Chris Murphy for Senate, Elizabeth Esty for Congress and Barack Obama for president. In the other corner, locally, we ...

  • Chris Murphy Pulls Ahead Of Linda McMahon In Connecticut Senate Election: Poll

    Oct 24 (Reuters) - Connecticut Democratic U.S. Congressman Chris Murphy has pulled ahead of Republican businesswoman Linda McMahon in their U.S.

  • Obama Cites Murphy's Plan, McMahon Has One, But What Are They Worth?

    The 30-second TV spot comes with just four days left in the tight race, as Murphy and his Republican opponent, Linda McMahon, gear up for their get-out-the-vote efforts. Although recent polling has suggested ... "I know Chris Murphy. Chris has a real ...

  • Murphy, McMahon fight for women's vote

    Hartford -- The battle for the potentially decisive women's vote in the U.S. Senate race intensified Tuesday as three female senators rallied for Democrat Chris Murphy, while Republican Linda McMahon countered with ads accusing Murphy of hypocrisy on ...

  • Murphy, McMahon switch from Senate race to storm

    Chris Murphy and Republican Linda McMahon off the campaign trail, shifting their focus from the contentious U.S. Senate race to helping Connecticut residents affected by the massive storm that flooded homes and cut power to thousands.

  • Murphy, McMahon focus attention during final days of Senate election on Conn ...

    NORWICH, Conn. - Superstorm Sandy has blown Democratic U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy and Republican Linda McMahon off the campaign trail, shifting their focus from the contentious U.S.

  • Former President Clinton campaigns in Connecticut for Chris Murphy

    WATERBURY - Former President Bill Clinton revved up the Democratic loyalists Sunday to get behind Chris Murphy for U.S. Senate and Elizabeth Esty for the 5th District House seat, telling them this election is all about the future and shared community.

  • Blumenthal campaigns hard against ex-rival McMahon

    It would be hard to find anybody who has campaigned harder for 2012 Senate candidate Chris Murphy than Blumenthal, a fellow Democrat who has a personal stake in seeing him defeat McMahon.

  • Sandy's Impact On US Senate Campaign Unclear

    Sandy and its aftermath have stolen public attention and media coverage from almost all else - including Connecticut's hotly contested and nationally watched race for the U.S.

  • Chris Murphy Better Choice For US Senate

    Christopher S. Murphy for U.S. Senate. The Cheshire Democrat, 39, is running against Republican businesswoman Linda E. McMahon, 64, of Greenwich, for the seat that U.S.

  • Chris Murphy: Battling big buck

    Chris Murphy its endorsement, which it could have done with a press release, and he's made the trip to Meriden to graciously accept.

  • A state by state look at the election

    Democratic Rep. Chris Murphy in close race with Linda McMahon for open Senate seat. Delaware (3) - Obama's with ease. Democratic Sen. Thomas Carper and Gov.

  • Murphy, McMahon meet in 3rd Conn. Senate debate

    (AP) - With three weeks to go before Election Day, U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy tried to sum up his Republican Senate opponent Linda McMahon Monday as out-of-step with the values of Connecticut's middle class when it comes to everything from abortion rights ...

  • Senate race nears end

    After months of aggressive ads, debates and campaigning, the Connecticut Senate race is entering its final week before elections. As of Monday, polls show Democratic candidate Chris Murphy building a slight advantage over Republican competitor Linda ...

  • Chris Christie's Help

    Chris Murphy, where a new Rasmussen poll has her neck-and-neck two weeks from Election Day. This week, New Jersey Gov.

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