Saturday, November 3, 2012

Chris christie vice president

  • Chris Christie Was Mitt Romney's First Pick For Vice President: Politico

    One of the most tantalizing subplots of the 2012 campaign has been the curious and sometimes controversial performances of New Jersey Gov.

  • Chris Christie Praise For Obama Frustrated Romney Campaign: Report

    Chris Christie was Mitt Romney's first choice for the vice president, until he decided Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) would be a safer choice due to some problems with Christie.

  • Mike Nichols column: Where will Ryan's influence end?

    Poor Chris Christie - another potential Romney V.P. at one point - never stood a chance. But I digress.) Being vice president is serious business, even if it wasn't always. Chester Arthur, for instance, was a lowly, politically active customs ...

  • Win or lose, Biden may be back in the race in 2016

    Chris Christie that takes effect at noon Saturday.More >>. Motorists in 12 northern New Jersey counties will be allowed to buy gasoline just every other day under .... Strickland scoffs at the notion that Biden would cash in on his four-decade tenure ...

  • President Obama has a new BFF in New Jesrsey Governor Chris Christie

    Chris Christie is one of Mitt Romney's biggest supporters and was one of his finalists as a Vice Presidential pick.

  • Week in one-liners: Biden, Christie, Axelrod

    Vice President Joe Biden promising to behave. "These decisions are both stupid and selfish." —New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie chiding people who ignore evacuation orders. "I'm not trying to diss him." - New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg turning ...

  • Rupert Murdoch: Chris Christie Must 'Re-Declare' For Mitt Romney 'Or Take Blame'

    Chris Christie what appeared to be a warning message on Friday, telling Christie to reaffirm his support for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney "or take blame for next four dire years.

  • President Obama at FEMA headquarters directing Hurricane Sandy operations

    Vice President Biden and USNORTHCOM Commander General Jacoby joined the briefing by video-teleconference.The President directed the federal family during the ... states in response and recovery of Hurricane Sandy. President Obama also toured the storm ...

  • Obama tours New Jersey superstorm damage with Chris Christie; Romney ...

    "Desperation," Vice President Joe Biden said of the broadcast claims that suggested automakers General Motors and Chrysler are adding jobs in China at the expense of Ohio workers.

  • Obama, Chris Christie Tour Damage Left By Hurricane Sandy In New Jersey

    Chris Christie. "I cannot thank the president enough for his personal concern and compassion," Christie said with Obama at his side.

  • VP Ryan? Prof. Ryan? GOP nominee's future unclear

    Here's an image few expected to see less than a week before Election Day: President Barack Obama and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie standing side-by-side in a show of unity.Full Story. Here's an image few probably expected to see six days before ...

  • Chris Christie greets President Obama before tour of Sandy damage

    President Obama and New Jersey governor Chris Christie boarded the presidential Marine One helicopter upon its arrival in southern New Jersey for an aerial tour of the damage.

  • Obama takes in damage with Christie in New Jersey

    ... President Barack Obama and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie made no mention of politics Wednesday to tour and assess widespread devastation near Atlantic City, two days after a superstorm left parts of the iconic resort destroyed.

  • Gov. Christie raves about Obama's response

    Chris Christie updates members of the media on damage and recovery efforts related to Hurricane Sandy from the emergency operations center at State Police Headquarters on October 30, 2012 in Ewing, New Jersey.

  • Why Exactly Is Chris Christie Subverting Mitt Romney?

    2) To add to Maureen's theory, Christie is an impatient guy, and the idea of running in 2016 is much more appealing to him than running in 2020.

  • Obama And Christie Take In Damage In New Jersey

    Chris Christie made no mention of politics Wednesday to tour and assess widespread devastation near Atlantic City, two days after a superstorm left parts of the iconic resort destroyed.

  • Christie and Obama: Will Sandy be the fourth hurricane to damage Romney and ...

    As Gov. Chris Christie and President Obama toured devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey on October 31, the president's challenger, former Massachusetts Gov.

  • Conservatives Are Beginning To Freak Out About Chris Christie And Barack ...

    Chris Christie will welcome President Barack Obama to his state today as the two will tour damage of Superstorm Sandy and speak with affected residents - a move that is already beginning to cause political backlash for Christie.

  • Chris Christie: Joe Kyrillos Will Win New Jersey Senate Race Because He Is ...

    <strong><a href="" target="_hplink">(April 13, 2012) --</a></strong> Throughout Mitt Romney's run for the White House, Christie made it known that he was open to a vice ...

  • Christie and Obama to tour damaged areas together

    But it will surely dominate the presidential campaign on Wednesday when Democratic President Barack Obama and New Jersey's Republican Governor Chris Christie inspect storm damage in the hard hit coastal state - together. Skip to next paragraph. In ...

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