Friday, November 23, 2012

Chicago walmart protests

  • Walmart protests draw crowds but shoppers undeterred

    CHICAGO (Reuters) - Protesters demanding higher wages and better healthcare for hourly workers thronged to Walmart stores across the country, though there was no evidence they disrupted operations for the start of the crucial holiday shopping season.

  • 1000 Walmart protests across the US

    500 workers and supporters marched on a Walmart in Landover, MD. Striking Chicago workers and their supporters marched on several Walmart stores in Illinois beginning at 5:30 a.m. Friday morning. Striking workers in Duarte, Calif. formed a picket lined ...

  • Early start to U.S. 'Black Friday' shopping frenzy

    In Chicago, four busloads of protesters, including some Walmart workers, showed up at a store on the city's South Side for a 7 a.m.

  • Walmart Strikers Prepare For Black Friday Protests Across Country

    Despite a notoriously unfriendly attitude toward unions, Dallas has become a main center for the strikes, along with Los Angeles and Chicago. Harris' store was one of the first to host protests back in October, when, for the first time in Walmart ...

  • Wal-Mart protests: How much impact?

    said Eigen, who is based in Chicago. "That's one of the big challenges for the labor movement. We'll sign online petitions, but we won't vote with our wallets.

  • Walmart workers plan pre-Black Friday protests

    Organizers say a thousand store protests are planned in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Minnesota and dozens of other places.

  • As Walmart workers plan Black Friday strikes, Valley shoppers line up early

    Protests are reportedly planned at 13 Walmart stores across the country, in cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and Dallas.

  • Wal-Mart protests set to proceed over holiday amid NLRB review

    The strikes are the first of what the group said are 1,000 protests planned in Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Minnesota and Washington ahead of "Black Friday" on Nov. 23, the day after the U.S.

  • Walmart workers plan Black Friday protest

    The workers, who are part of a union-backed employee coalition called Making Change at Walmart, say this is the beginning of a wave of protests and strikes leading up to Black Friday. A thousand store protests are planned in Chicago, Dallas, Miami, ...

  • Walmart Workers Walking Off the Job in Protest

    Walmart workers are not unionized, but the UFCW wants to draw attention to holiday schedules, pay, and health benefits by organizing protests, rallies, and walkouts of Walmart employees during one of the busiest shopping days of the year. And Hesse ...

  • Wal-Mart workers plan Black Friday protests but shoppers may ignore picket lines

    Employees at 1,000 Wal-Mart stores are unhappy that the country's largest retailer is opening at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

  • Walmart Black Friday 2012: Workers Plan to Walk Out and Strike

    This is all part of a union-backed employee coalition called Making Change at Wal-mart. According to the group Making Change at Walmart, "a thousand store protests are planned in Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, ...

  • WalMart Walkout: Thousands of Employees to Protest Black Friday

    ... expected 1,000 protests, The Daily Mail reported. OUR Walmart, Corporate Action Network and Making Change at Wal-Mart are three groups in support of the protests and calling upon Walmart. Employees from cities like LA, Milwaukee, D.C, Chicago and ...

  • Walmart employees threaten to protest on Black Friday

    Protests are reportedly planned in places like Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles but Phoenix has not been mentioned. One local Walmart worker told FOX 10 employees at his store aren't talking about walking off. He says he was given the worst Thanksgiving ...

  • Walmart protesters promise disruptions in Milwaukee ahead of Black Friday

    The campaign has promised strikes or protests in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Milwaukee and Washington, D.C.

  • Workers walkout: Walmart files US labor charge against union

    Chicago: Wal-Mart Stores Inc is taking its first legal step to stop months of protests and rallies outside Walmart stores, targeting the union that it says is behind such actions. Wal-Mart filed an unfair labor practice charge against the United Food ...

  • NLRB unlikely to act on Wal-Mart pickets by Thanksgiving

    (Reuters) - The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is unlikely to make any decision before Thursday's Thanksgiving Holiday on Wal-Mart Stores Inc's push to stop protests and rallies outside its stores, the U.S. labor board said on Tuesday. The delay ...

  • Wal-Mart Black Friday protests: company files complaint

    Employees belonging to two worker groups pressing for higher wages, lower healthcare premiums and better working conditions, OUR Wal-Mart and Making Change at Wal-Mart, have said they are planning to strike in stores in Chicago, Dallas, Miami, ...

  • Wal-Mart Black Friday walkouts: What's at stake

    One of those is Yesenia Yaber, a cashier at a Chicago Walmart (WMT) store, who says she really needs her job to support her five young children, says she's told her bosses that she can't work on Thanksgiving.

  • Wal-Mart files legal complaint against growing protests ahead of Black Friday

    Since that time, workers have since walked off the job in Dallas and Richmond, Calif., and other upcoming strikes and protests are expected at stores in Chicago, Miami, Milwaukee and Washington, D.C.. Charlene Fletcher, who works with her husband, ...

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