Monday, November 12, 2012

Cell phones in school

  • Cell Phone Use In Schools A Possibility With 'Bring Your Own Technology ...

    It may not be long until it becomes common to hear teachers start a lesson by asking students to pull out their cellphones.

  • Cell phone exposure during pregnancy related to fetal brain development ...

    Avoiding cell phone exposure during pregnancy may be a necessity in protecting your unborn child, according to Yale School of Medicine. According to a recent study, cell phone radiation may lead to brain development problems including hyperactivity in ...

  • NYC teens pay valets to store electronic devices

    Thousands of teenagers who can't take their cellphones to school in New York City have another option: paying a dollar a day to leave it in a truck that's parked nearby.

  • Cell phone radiation DOES harm your baby, study says

    Attention pregnant women: put down your cellphone. Cellphone radiation exposure during pregnancy impacts fetal brain development and may cause hyperactivity, Yale School of Medicine researchers say. Dr. Hugh Taylor, a medical professor ... 'When they ...

  • Milford students to experiencedangers of distracted driving

    So, this week Bright Insurance Agency of Milford will bring its Distractology Tour to Milford High School to educate students on the dangers of driving while distracted.

  • Kids and cellphones - our brave new digital world

    When he finally worked up the nerve, our answer was, "Not until middle school." Like most other parents, we worried about the impact of cellphones and digital technology on our son's attention span, learning and social Blog Photo skills. He doesn't ...

  • Bethlehem students could learn how to create mobile apps for phones, tablets

    Of all the new classes planned for the 2013-14 school year, Jack Silva is most excited about the mobile app development class.

  • Naperville police target cell phone use in school zones

    Naperville officials are about to get more serious about enforcing laws that prohibit distracted driving in school zones. A '"cell phones in school zones" initiative is beginning at Scott Elementary School, on the south side of town near Naper ...

  • Police start campaign to fight distracted driving

    Photo by: Dave Hinton/Rantoul Press. Rantoul police officer Kurtis Buckley, who is the Rantoul Township High School school resource officer, beside one of the signs that warns motorists against cell phone use in a school zone.

  • Deliberating on Digital: The Curious Case of the Mountain School

    But things are about to change for the Mountain School. High-speed Internet is coming to Vershire, with improved cell phone service not far behind. For many country dwellers, this would be great news. For those at the Mountain School, not so great at all.

  • Cell Phones for Soldiers helps troops, veterans

    Cell Phones for Soldiers has provided veterans with mobile phones and service, car repairs and home bill payments. People can donate their phones to the cause by dropping them off at the school, located at Calvary Community Church, 82 Romans Road, ...

  • Sending a message

    Texting while driving is against the law in Illinois, as is the distracted driving behavior of talking on a cell phone in school or construction zones. While much of the focus of safety campaigns in on young drivers, local law enforcement professionals ...

  • Researchers use cell phone data to stop malaria spread

    Caroline Buckee. Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health and seven other institutions have used cell phone data from 15 million people in Kenya to reveal regional incidence of malaria. The findings detailed, on a massive scale, how human ...

  • | Chattanooga News, Weather & SportsWalker Co. schools adopt ...

    LAFAYETTE, GA (WRCB)- In Walker County schools, the student cell phone policy has been updated with what administrators are calling "a dash of common sense.

  • Maryland Middle School Girls to Tackle Cybercrime, CSI-Style

    The teams will assemble a computer and use digital forensics tools on cell phones, wireless data streams, hard drives and pictures.

  • Granite City schools won't change rules because of Twitter incident

    "We're not doing any type of knee jerk reaction type change," said Jim Greenwald, principal of Granite City High School.

  • Reverse Cell Phone Search Helps Moms and Dads Lookup Kid's Phone Records

    Bullying is one threat that some children face at school and away from school. While schools all over the country are aware of this problem, little has been done to protect mobile phone bullies from Cyberstalking other children. There are stalking ...

  • School's cell phone ban helps curb fighting and bullying

    Call 0508 NETSAFE for more information or go to Kaua CELLPHONE FOOTAGE: The attack on Wanganui Girls' College student Robin de Jong.

  • JE Harrison Middle School to participate in National Anti-Bullying Week

    Students know that if they are caught taking photos with their cell phones inside of the building, there are strict punishments, Voelker said.

  • The Claw: Battling the Phone Epidemic

    The Wiggins School District has been overrun by cell phones for the past few years. From smartphones to flip phones, the policy was constantly being broken.

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