Monday, November 12, 2012

Celebrity relationships

  • Celebrity Couples Share Relationship Secrets (PHOTOS)

    Celebrity couples split so often you may wonder why they even bother getting married in the first place. But some are actually making their relationships work.

  • Kat Von D and Deadmau5 split

    Celebrity News · Kat Von D · Deadmau5. Advertisement. Kat Von D and Deadmau5 have split. On Nov. 11, Access Hollywood ... I guess I'm not cut out for relationships right now. I'll figure it out. No hard feelings (sic)," Deadmau5 tweeted on Saturday ...

  • Bieber Gomez split: Justin thanks fans

    They were so adorable together but things change and it's hard to keep a relationship in tact when you have so much going on in your life.

  • 'Dancing With The Stars' sexy secrets revealed: Hot hookups backstage

    The "Dancing With The Stars" cast have been busy when it comes to love, and a lot of relationships have started in the ballroom.

  • Ashley Green worried Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will taint 'Twilight'

    "Hopefully, it won't taint it and people will still be able to enjoy the movie," Greene said of her co-stars relationship drama. "I think a lot of people see us as our characters. I really want them to still be able to do that. I've definitely been in ...

  • Miley on Liam: I'm 'married in my heart'

    Cyrus' "married in my heart" comment is making top celebrity news today. Most people think that Miley is way too young to get married (she will be 20 in November).

  • Miley Cyrus wedding planning: A June date set?

    Celebrity News · Miley Cyrus wedding planning · Miley Cyrus wedding · Miley Cyrus. Advertisement. Miley Cyrus is wedding planning for her upcoming wedding to fiance, Liam Hemsworth.

  • Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez split

    What was the reason for their sudden break-up? Their hectic schedules and trust issues. While there have been numerous rumors about the status of their relationship, this split is the real deal. "Selena broke up with Justin about a week ago. It's been ...

  • Obama bear hug photo goes viral

    While he is somewhat of a celebrity in his own right, he is also a family man. He and Michelle are very close and their daughters, Sasha and Malia, really glue their family together.

  • Adrienne Maloof, Paul Nassif divorce finalized

    "Our goal is for our children to have stable and nurturing relationships with both of us so we can all find as much happiness as possible," their statement continued.

  • Kirstie Alley opens up about secret relationship with Patrick Swayze

    Although they did not have a physical relationship, Alley claims to have developed an emotional relationship and connection with Swayze.

  • Emily Maynard dating NASCAR's Jason White?

    Celebrity News · emily maynard · Jason White · Jef Holm. Advertisement. Emily Maynard has moved on from Jef Holm according to reports.

  • Selena Gomez and another guy hang sans Justin Bieber

    Selena and Justin have been dating for a couple of years and rumors about their relationship tend to creep up every now and again.

  • Kristen Bell pregnant: Dax Shepard becoming a dad

    Celebrity News · Kristen Bell pregnant · Dax Shepard · Kristen Bell. Advertisement. Kristen Bell is pregnant!

  • Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart issues getting worse?

    celebrity gossip · Robert Pattinson · Kristen Stewart. Advertisement. Robert Pattinson and ... This time it's Star Magazine making claims that Kristen is super jealous of Rob's "relationship" with actress, Uma Thurman. "When the cheating scandal broke ...

  • Chris Brown shoots down rumors concerning Rihanna

    Chris Brown decided to shoot down the relationship rumors soon after Rihanna just happened to tell Andy Cohen during "What What Happens Live" what the supposed real deal was concerning Chris Brown.

  • Eddie Murphy girlfriend attends event on his arm

    It seems clear that their relationship is new and they seem to be having a good time together. They have gone out to dinners and have hit some popular Hollywood haunts including Mastro's Steakhouse in Los Angeles back in September.

  • Cameron Diaz, Rob Pattinson caught flirting?

    Celebrity News · Cameron Diaz · Robert Pattinson · Rob Pattinson. Advertisement. Cameron Diaz and Rob Pattinson bumped in to each other at the L.A.

  • Scott Disick engagement ring shopping amid split rumors

    Celebrity News · Scott Disick · Kourtney Kardashian. Advertisement. Scott Disick went engagement ring shopping late ... Scott and Kourtney have had a very rocky relationship over the past several years. Most of their issues stem from Scott's partying ways.

  • Jessica Biel name change: Call her Mrs. Timberlake

    Celebrity News · Jessica Biel · Justin Timberlake · Jessica Biel name change. Advertisement. Jessica Biel is going to change her name.

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