Thursday, November 1, 2012

Budget cuts

  • Hammond Sees Budget Cuts Driving Overhaul of Defense Industry

    Military spending cuts among developed countries and changes in export markets will force defense companies to restructure, U.K.

  • U.S. cuts risk holes in global spying ops

    1 (UPI) -- Cuts in U.S. spending on global intelligence gathering operations concern security experts, who warn the reductions may prove detrimental to U.S.

  • Budget cuts slow sheriff's response time

    She said staff reductions were necessary due to departmental budget cuts made necessary by declining countywide tax revenues brought on by the current recession.

  • Budget cuts become part of life for Serbian families

    Sharply increasing prices and poor economic conditions have left many Serbian families with difficult decisions about their household budgets. Those decisions are even more complicated for multigenerational families living under the same roof. The ...

  • Strong federal ties leave Md. vulnerable to sudden cuts

    Looming federal budget cuts make a whole lot of Marylanders nervous because a whole lot of Maryland depends on Uncle Sam for a paycheck - directly or indirectly.

  • Labour's Call for EU Budget Cuts Is a Principled, Pro-European Argument

    In the wake of the deepest global economic crisis in the post war period, governments across Europe and the world are tightening their belts.

  • UK Conservatives Split On European Budget Cuts

    But some lawmakers in his Conservative Party called for budget cuts. Adding to the prime minister's problems was the fact that the main opposition party, Labour, sided with the Conservative rebels in supporting cuts.

  • Mitt Romney Massachusetts Budget Targeted Programs For Poor, Disabled

    A detailed Huffington Post review of Romney's budget proposals from his first year in office, however, reveals that he advocated deep cuts to programs serving the state's most vulnerable -- even when those cuts had little effect on the state's fiscal ...

  • Proposition 30: LAUSD braces for budget cuts if school tax measure fails

    With polls showing support slipping for Proposition 30, Los Angeles Unified is bracing for the budget cuts that would be triggered if the tax-increase measure fails on Tuesday.

  • New Dutch finance minister promise cuts, tough line on euro zone

    AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - The incoming Dutch finance minister said on Thursday he would push ahead with budget cuts at home and take a tough line on the euro zone crisis, ensuring policy continuity.

  • Hurricane Sandy Sparks Debate Over FEMA Budget Cuts

    In the wake of Hurricane Sandy's devastating rush on the East Coast, which is estimated to cost upwards of $20 billion, January's sequester budget cuts have sparked a political hailstorm, as November's two presidential candidates spar over federal ...

  • Colorado state budget plan focuses investments instead of cuts

    DENVER (AP) - Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper's budget proposal released Thursday includes more funding for education, more Medicaid spending, and pay increases for state employees for the first time in five years.

  • French Communists defy Hollande on budget cuts

    PARIS (Reuters) - The finance committee of France's Senate upper house rejected the law setting out government plans to hit a budget break-even by 2017 on Wednesday as its Communist members voted against it in protest at fiscal rigor across Europe.

  • Talkback: Should LA raise the sales tax to avoid more budget cuts?

    Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa recently said he would not support a tax measure unless additional cost-cutting measures were adopted.

  • Federal Budget Cuts Could Slash Funding for Job Programs Like Future Works

    SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) –Workforce development programs, like this one at Future Works in Springfield, helps unemployed people acquire the skills they need to get hired.

  • Russia Today TV Channel Avoids Budget Cuts for 2013

    MOSCOW - The Russian state-controlled English-language TV channel Russia Today has avoided cuts in funding for 2013 and is to receive 11.2 billion rubles ($355.6 million) from the government next year.

  • Source: Falls Budget to Cut at Least 15 Jobs

    His acknowledgement that there will be pain in all three areas, is perhaps an indication the budget will contain service cuts, layoffs, and a tax hike, the full extent of which will be made public when Dyster presents his plan to the City Council at ...

  • Collins' push to balance budget would mean deep cuts

    A former director of the Congressional Budget Office and a top official at the nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget agreed that such deep cuts would be necessary. That means Medicaid, which funds health care for the poor as well as ...

  • Sandy spotlights cuts to guard, reserves

    Political commentators were quick to point out that the National Guard troops who helped with the rescue and cleanup were at risk from automatic, across-the-board budget restrictions set to take effect Jan. 2 and more generally would take the brunt of ...

  • Sequestration forum sounds alarm for Fayetteville over looming budget cuts

    Under federal law, automatic across-the-board budget cuts known as sequestration begin in 2013 on top of budget cuts already in place. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has said Congress must act to avert sequestration before it takes effect on Jan. 2 ...

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