Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bill baxley

  • Former Attorney General Bill Baxley's 'Kiss My A**' Letter To Ku Klux Klan ...

    In 1970, shortly after being elected Attorney General of Alabama, 29-year-old Bill Baxley reopened the 16th Street Church bombing case -— a racially motivated act of terrorism that resulted in the deaths of four African-American girls in 1963 and a ...

  • Baxley to lead House committee

    Baxley plans to use his new perch to promote some "smart justice" reforms of the criminal justice system that can appeal to budget hawks as well as critics who maintain the existing system is too harsh on nonviolent offenders.

  • Obama or Romney? It's Election Day -- Finally!

    Baxley has been a fixture on the state's political stage for decades, first as the wife of Bill Baxley, a former attorney general, lieutenant governor and gubernatorial nominee.

  • Cerabino: Stand Your Ground panel does just that

    Dennis Baxley, a professional mortician with a 100 percent rating by the NRA, who sponsored the bill in the house. (By the way, shouldn't it be a conflict of interest for an undertaker to advocate reckless gun laws?

  • Fall Fitness Run Results Given

    The Fall Fitness Run was held on Saturday, November 17 at the Elementary Complex in Baxley. This year's 30th annual Fall Fitness Run was dedicated to Baylee Brewer, the 9 year old daughter of Angela Murray and Caleb Brewer.

  • Lucy Baxley, Alabama's last Democrat, reviews career

    She worked with a young district attorney named Bill Baxley and followed him to Montgomery when he was elected attorney general.

  • Notes from Cape Fear region golf courses

    The Saturday morning group winners were Keith Jackson, Tom Batchelor, Bill Baxley and Lee Harless. ... The Sunday morning group winners were Don Fykholm, Al Smith and Dixie Musselwhite.

  • SYG task force cooked up predictable results

    David Simmons, who drafted the seven-year-old law, Rep. Dennis Baxley, who sponsored it, and Rep. Jason Brodeur, sponsor of the ludicrous and widely reviled "docs and Glocks" gun bill. We respect the integrity of conscientious lawmakers like Simmons, ...

  • Election winners look to the future

    Winning candidates look to future. Carol Wilfong, left, and Kim Baxley work with others to count provisional ballots at the Supervisor of Elections Office in Panama City on Wednesday.

  • Don't Ignore the Evidence: Stand Your Ground Is Bad for Florida

    But frighteningly, the Task Force seemed to take the researchers' incomplete report as evidence that Stand Your Ground is a good law.

  • Alabama GOP looks ahead to elected leadership in counties

    Bill Armistead, chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, said when he was elected almost two years ago that his goals were to win the remaining statewide seats and to flip the county courthouses, where he said a majority of seats at that level were ...

  • 10 Florida Republicans Who Helped Make Voting More Difficult (PHOTOS)

    Amid the chaos, the backers of House Bill 1355 defended its role, pointing out that the maximum number of early voting hours remained the same, blaming problems at the polls on unpreparedness and denying that long lines served to suppress votes.

  • Democratic Party chairman vows to unseat Republicans

    Even though Baxley lost, and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney won Alabama but lost the national vote, Kennedy noted that Democrats won countywide races, including in Jefferson County.

  • The End of Democrats In Alabama?

    Political icon Lucy ("I Love Lucy") Baxley was the last Democrat to hold statewide office in Alabama when she was defeated by Cavanaugh.

  • Property Transfers

    Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Donald Baxley, 220 Taylor Circle, $105,000. Secretary of Housing and Urban ... William E. Walker III to Lan Thi Nguyen, 845 Tyler Woods Drive, $130,000. Riverwood Land LLC to PDH Builders Inc., 989 ...

  • Ala GOP extends reach into battleground states

    State Republican Party Chairman Bill Armistead, in an interview with The Cullman Times, said in the final days before the election party operatives are working to secure races for Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice, which features Democrat Bob Vance ...

  • Mack's Senate hopes hinge on a big Romney win

    In 2000, Nelson beat Republican Bill McCollum by 284,000 votes even as Republican George W. Bush carried Florida by just 537.

  • Tough decisions ahead

    Roy Moore reclaimed the seat of Alabama Supreme Court chief justice while Twinkles Cavanaugh unseated Lucy Baxley for president of the Public Service Commission.

  • Disregarding Empirical Research, Florida Panel Largely Endorses 'Stand Your ...

    Task Force member and Stand Your Ground bill sponsor Rep. Dennis Baxley even went so far as to assert that the data supported his contention that the law is not associated with an increase in violent crime.

  • Democrats see opening in Mobile County results; Baldwin County gets redder

    Election.jpg Yard signs left over from the general election. Leaders from both parties in Mobile and Baldwin counties debated the meaning of Tuesday's election.

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