Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bashar assad

  • Assad's key military base falls to rebels

    BEIRUT - Syrian rebels strengthened their hold on Thursday on an oil-rich province bordering Iraq, activists said, capturing a key military base that was considered one of the last bastions for President Bashar Assad's loyalists in the strategic region.

  • Syrian Planes Bomb Building Near Hospital, Kill 15

    Once a private clinic owned by a businessman loyal to President Bashar Assad, the Dar al-Shifa hospital became a field hospital run by volunteer doctors, nurses and aides united by their opposition to the regime and the need to give medical care to ...

  • Cameron: Bashar Assad should be given safe passage out of Syria if it would ...

    RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - British Prime Minister David Cameron suggested Tuesday that Syria's president Bashar Assad could be allowed safe passage out of the country if that option would guarantee an end to the nation's civil war.

  • Syria opposition seeks $60 billion to rebuild after fighting

    Syrian dissidents trying to shake off President Bashar Assad told reporters Wednesday that $60 billion would be needed to rebuild the country after fighting stops, comparing it to "an economic 'Marshall Plan for Syria.

  • Syria's Assad denies civil war, blames the West

    BEIRUT -- Syrian President Bashar Assad denied his country is in the midst of a civil war and accused Western nations of demonizing him in an interview with RT, a Russian satellite and cable channel.

  • Will Bashar Assad inevitably collapse?

    It has been taken for granted that Bashar Assad's regime will sooner or later collapse. The story of Muammar Qaddafi's Libyan regime has provided strong evidence for such a judgment.

  • In Syria, An Act Of Reconciliation Stirs Fierce Debate

    Deborah Amos November 20, 2012. Supporters of President Bashar Assad speak with U.N. monitors who were arriving in the town in May.

  • Syria's first astronaut, a former air force general, says most bomber pilots ...

    DOHA, Qatar - A former Syrian air force general who was also the country's first astronaut said Tuesday that only about one-third of Syria's fighter pilots are carrying out the daily bombing raids of rebel strongholds because President Bashar Assad's ...

  • Syria rebels seize airport near Iraqi border, activists say

    President Bashar Assad's forces have retaliated by bombing the airport with fighter jets, said Ziad al-Amir, a local activist.

  • Shaky Syria truce marred by car bombs, as thousands clamor for Assad ouster

    BEIRUT - Two deadly car bombs and sporadic fighting marred a shaky holiday truce Friday in Syria, although thousands of protesters used the brief respite in the civil war to pour into the streets and demand President Bashar Assad's ouster. Chants of ...

  • North Korean leader offers support to Assad

    As debate rages over whether the international community should provide weapons to the Syrian rebels attempting to overthrow Bashar al Assad, North Korea has made its position quite clear. On November 16, a statement by Kim Jong Un carried by the ...

  • Arab paper: Syria, Iran instigated Gaza conflict

    While the Arab world condemns Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip and Operation Pillars of Defense steals the headlines on the Arab channels, a civil war continues to run wild in Syria between the rebels and Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime - a war ...

  • The geopolitical poker game that will define the new Mideast

    If Bashar Assad's regime falls, Iran will be the main loser. Tehran suffered a serious blow when Hamas abandoned the so called "axis of resistance" (the pact between Iran, Syria and their proxies) and its leaders left Assad's sinking ship like thieves ...

  • Dyer: Syria faces a long, bloody war

    A rebel fighter prepares to throw a homemade grenade toward Syrian troops loyal to President Bashar Assad who are hiding in a nearby building as they attempt to gain ground against rebel lines during heavy clashes in the Jedida district of Aleppo, Syria.

  • Turkish Cameraman Set Free by Captors in Syria

    A Turkish cameraman captured by Syrian forces while covering fighting in the city of Aleppo in August has been released and will return to Turkey, the delegation that negotiated his freedom with Syrian President Bashar Assad told Turkish media on Saturday.

  • Syrian rebels eye Bashar al-Assad's economic lifeline in east

    Amman: A Syrian rebel offensive that captured border crossings with Turkey and Iraq aims to cut off supplies from the country's main grain and oil-producing region and speed President Bashar al-Assad's downfall, a tribal leader said. Speaking from the ...

  • UN rights probe seeks unconditional Assad talks

    UN rights probe seeks unconditional Assad talks. U.N. war crimes investigators said Thursday they have asked for an urgent meeting with President Bashar Assad to press for a firsthand look at his war-torn nation. By JOHN HEILPRIN. Associated Press ...

  • Timidity causes Syrian barbarity

    The days of the totalitarian regime of Bashar Assad in Syria are numbered. The center of gravity of the conflict is the populace's belief in the illegitimacy of the government and support for the opposition, despite fear of retribution from the Assad ...

  • Israel says Syrian rebels have control of villages near Golan Heights

    JERUSALEM - Syrian rebels have taken control of nearly all villages near the frontier with the Israel-held Golan Heights, according to Israel's defense minister who said Wednesday that Bashar Assad's forces were "displaying ever-diminishing efficiency ...

  • Kurdish militiamen, rebels maintain truce in northern Syria

    The fighting, which added fresh ethnic dimensions to Syria's bloody 20-month-old rebellion against President Bashar Assad's regime, began Monday after Kurdish protesters demanded that opposition forces leave the town and intensified after the killing ...

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