Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Barney frank

  • Rep. Barney Frank's claim about a should-be Democratic House majority

    If we had run this House election by the same districts that had existed in 2010, we'd have a Democratic House now. We did very well in the Democratic Senate.

  • Barney Frank, Ron Paul Pressure Obama on New Marijuana Laws

    Representatives Barney Frank and Ron Paul—who no doubt inhabit mostly opposite sides of the ideological spectrum—sent Obama a letter asking him to refrain from prosecution of people following the Colorado and Washington laws.

  • Barney Frank, marriage fallout, Elmo, Uganda

    Barney Frank's big gay exit interview. As the first gay Congress member to come out of his own accord and marry another man while in office, Frank (middle photo) leaves his post after 30 years.

  • Barney Frank on LGBT victories

    Barney Frank, the first openly gay member of Congress, to get his reaction to the news and thoughts on the future of the equality fight.

  • Congressman-elect Joe Kennedy III heading to Washington DC

    Joe Kennedy III speaks to his supporters after winning the Fourth Congressional seat, previously held by Barney Frank, at his final campaign rally at the Newton Marriott Hotel, Nov. 6, 2012.

  • The Legacy of Barney

    Barney Frank is one—and, after more than 30 years of representing his Massachusetts district in Congress, he's retiring when this legislative session ends.

  • Barney Frank: GOP paid price for 'abysmal stupidity' on climate change

    Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) said climate change hurt Republicans at the ballot box Tuesday because Superstorm Sandy brought increased attention to the topic.

  • Joseph P. Kennedy III vows to 'pick up' where Barney Frank left off

    Barney Frank he's replacing, Kennedy doled out thanks and stories from the campaign trail in a well-rehearsed speech. "It's been the most incred-ible year of my life," he said, adding while turning to Frank, "I promise to do everything I can to pick up ...

  • Barney Frank warns of GOP controlled Senate while Scott Brown pushes ...

    Barney Frank, campaigning on behalf of Elizabeth Warren in Northampton, warned of the far-right leadership in the Republican Party gaining control of the U.S.

  • Barney Frank cries foul in government's lawsuit against JPMorgan

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democratic Congressman Barney Frank defended the nation's largest bank on Monday, saying in a statement that the government was wrong to go after JPMorgan Chase & Co for the alleged misdeeds of Bear Stearns.

  • Barney Frank: Apostate?

    It began, "Hi, Joe - We are starting our pushback against Barney Frank." Barney Frank? Barney Frank, the liberal icon?

  • Barney Frank hints: Beat Romney to get single-payer health care [Updated with ...

    Barney Frank, D-Mass., indicated in a fundraising email that the 2012 election is unusually important because of the opportunity it presents to implement and expand Obamacare.

  • Tammy Baldwin Is Like 'Barney Frank In A Dress,' Says Conservative Columnist

    WASHINGTON -- Beware, Wisconsin, because a "radical lesbian" is poised to take over one of your Senate seats and behave like "Barney Frank in a dress," according to Washington Times columnist Jeffrey Kuhner. In a column titled "Radical Lesbian ...

  • 10 Things Obama Needs to Do in His Second Term

    Why bother with the ceremonial glitter? Show the public you're aware of the challenges ahead and are ready to get to work. 2. Appoint Barney Frank Secretary of the Treasury. Frank is smart, he knows finance, he knows Congress, and, refreshingly, he ...

  • Obama second-term leaves banks learning to live with strict new regulation

    dodd frank Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., and Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., may have retired from Congress, but the 2010 financial reform law bearing their name will very much remain intact after President Barack Obama's reelection.

  • Charlie McMillan: One more Barney Frank story

    I'm sorry I missed the brunch for Barney Frank last week. I did have one story to tell. When Barney first ran for Congress in 1980, I met Barney through our mutual friend Jeff Bernstein, and I ended up as Ward Captain for Ward 6. One day we met at City ...

  • Barney Frank: Do the math – party matters in the fight for LGBT equality

    Barney Frank. BY CONGRESSMAN BARNEY FRANK. October 22, 2012. The upcoming elections will be the most important in our history from the standpoint of legal equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

  • Barney Frank Rips Log Cabin Republicans for Endorsing Romney: VIDEO

    Barney Frank Rips Log Cabin Republicans for Endorsing Romney: VIDEO. Frank. The Mitt Gets Worse campaign is out with a rapid response from Barney Frank to this morning's endorsement of Mitt Romney by the Log Cabin Republicans. Watch, AFTER THE ...

  • Barney Frank on Sean Bielat's 'kind words' about him

    Retiring Congressman Barney Frank released this statement this week about his 2010 Republican opponent Sean Bielat's "kind words" about Frank's record.

  • New generation Kennedy takes congressional seat

    Joe Kennedy III celebrates his victory during his post election party at the Boston Marriott in Newton Tuesday night for a seat in the 4th congressional district vacated by Barney Frank who is retiring at the end of his current term. (Photo by Mark ...

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