Thursday, November 1, 2012

Barack obama

  • Obama revives his 2008 "change" slogan in final campaign pitch

    (Reuters) - In what his advisers billed as his closing argument, President Barack Obama returned to the campaign trail for the first time in four days on Thursday, declaring "our work is not yet done" and reviving his successful 2008 campaign slogan ...

  • New Obama ad stresses Romney 'dishonesty' on auto industry rescue

    WASHINGTON - Finally returning to Michigan with advertising money, President Barack Obama's campaign is airing its second TV spot in as many days going after Republican rival Mitt Romney for his position on the rescue of the auto industry.

  • Hillary Women Will Save Obama

    First, when autoworkers and auto companies faced a 1930s-style depression and Mitt Romney proposed a vulture bankruptcy that would have destroyed Ohio for a generation, Barack Obama was there for them, and next week I believe Ohio voters will be ...

  • Nate Silver Bets Joe Scarborough $2000 That Obama Wins

    President Barack Obama returns a Marine's salute as he steps off Marine One helicopter on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2012, as he returns from campaigning in Ohio and California.

  • Strange bedfellows: President Barack Obama and New Jersey Gov. Chris ...

    Chris Christie, a Republican, toured damaged areas via Marine One, President Barack Obama in the seat opposite him. Christie was the keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention in August in Tampa.

  • Romney's Fla. ads tie Obama to Chavez, Castro

    Mitt Romney's campaign is running a Spanish-language ad in Florida that claims Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro's niece would support President Barack Obama. The spot shows a clip of Chavez saying that if he were American, "I'd vote ...

  • Obama, Romney Resume Mud-Slinging

    President Barack Obama speaks during a campaign event on the tarmac at Austin Straubel International Airport. President Barack Obama speaks during a campaign event Thursday on the tarmac at Austin Straubel International Airport in Green Bay, Wis.

  • 'Obama Gangnam Style' goes viral in China

    If the Chinese could vote in the U.S. election, President Barack Obama would likely win in a landslide. That win, however, would have almost nothing to do with his policies toward China -- the Chinese aren't fans.

  • After Touting Obama's 'Presidential Leadership' on Hurricane, ABC Hypes How It ...

    A day after he touted Barack Obama's "presidential leadership" in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Good Morning America's Jon Karl hyped how "cooperation on disaster relief works.

  • Ryan joins GOP offensive against Obama on autos

    RACINE, WI - Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan joined the GOP offensive against the 2009 auto bailout engineered by President Barack Obama, arguing the rescue of GM and Chrysler hardly constitutes the success story the administration ...

  • Obama Tries to Show His 'Kishkes'

    The moment in the final presidential debate when President Barack Obama described his visit to Israel's national Holocaust museum and to the rocket-battered town of Sederot seemed to be aimed right for the kishkes.

  • Obama rally at CU-Boulder tonight to result in rolling closures along US 36

    President Barack Obama waves as he follows Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator Craig Fugate onto Air Force One at Atlantic City International Airport in Atlantic City, N.J.

  • Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert examine Chris Christie's praise for President Obama

    Christie takes center stage. New Jersey governor Chris Christie was a focal point of both shows, for both his handling of the crisis and his willingness to praise President Barack Obama for his assistance in bringing disaster relief to the area.

  • Obama's final push

    Black folk's apathy, stark racism, xenophobia and white supremacy make for a perfect storm if not checked, note grassroots and mainstream political commentators alike.

  • Barack Obama Targeted By Anonymous Hate Text Messages [UPDATE]

    WASHINGTON -- A string of vitriol-laden text messages hit voters' phones Tuesday night, blasting President Barack Obama with anti-gay attacks and false claims. In what appeared to be a coordinated campaign of cell phone text mail or text messages, one ...

  • Obama's Support Of Marriage Equality Initiatives Matters

    In this Thursday, May 10, 2012 file photo, Trenton Garris, right, joins other demonstrators showing their support for President Barack Obama as he visits the Paramount Theater one day after announcing his support for same sex marriage, in Seattle. In ...

  • Citizen Dave: It'll be Barack Obama and Tammy Baldwin (I think, maybe)

    I'm going with President Obama and Tammy Baldwin. If I was right the other day when I wrote that Hurricane Sandy could decide the outcome of the presidential race, than Obama should win.

  • Barack Obama for President

    Admittedly, it was foolish to think the problems plaguing the nation would be solved as soon as Barack Obama entered office.

  • Barack Obama's re-election campaign of condescension

    WASHINGTON -- Energetic in body but indolent in mind, Barack Obama in his frenetic campaigning for a second term is promising to replicate his first term, although simply apologizing would be appropriate.

  • President Barack Obama: 5 Things You Don't Know About Me

    Barack Obama has been campaigning for many months to be reelected as the President of the United States next Tuesday, Nov. 6 -- but there's still more to learn about the leader, father, husband .

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