Sunday, November 25, 2012

Animals in the news

  • Artists Vs. Animals: 15 Artists Who Have Enraged Animal Rights Activists ...

    This fall has been a rough month for animals in the art world. First, we found out that British bad boy Damien Hirst killed 9,000 butterflies for a questionable installation at the Tate Modern.

  • 'Tis the season to make a difference in the life of an animal

    Sometimes it is overwhelming the amount of animals in need throughout the world, but we do try to make a difference in our own area by improving the life of the shelter pets that pass through the Ingham County Animal Shelter. This is your opportunity ...

  • Peter Jackson Responds to Allegations of Unsafe Conditions for Animals in The ...

    The American Humane Association's initiative "No Animals Were Harmed" has protected animals on sets for over 70 years, but with these new allegations the AHA is asking for a larger jurisdiction and additional funding that will allow them to monitor the ...

  • Cruelty industry can be avoided this year

    Trapping animals in the wild is extremely cruel. There are many traps used to trap animals. One common trap is the steel-jaw leghold trap.

  • Hobbits, superheroes put magic in NZ film industry

    Animal rights activists said last week they plan to picket the premiere of "The Hobbit" after wranglers alleged that three horses and up to two dozen other animals died in unsafe conditions at a farm where animals were boarded for the movies. Jackson's ...

  • Pope: Donkey and ox in manger scene a myth

    "There is no mention of animals in the Gospels," Benedict writes, explaining the inclusion of domestic animals in the manger scene may have been inspired by pre-Christian traditions. But despite the fact that the animals are fictitious, "No one will ...

  • Anne the Elephant and the end of circus animals

    The use of animals in the circus dates back about 150 years. Before that time, and before the advent of public zoos, those wanting to lay eyes on a menagerie of wild animals would head to a fair. During the 19th Century, animals were taken on tour and ...

  • Animal stress not in Hobbit script

    The allegations to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in the United States sparked a furore. Jackson's spokesman rejected allegations of mistreatment but acknowledged two horses died unnecessarily during filming.

  • Animal lover turns hoarder in Utah: 149 dogs rescued from home

    As a Utah dog rescue worker, Brenda Gordon has seen lots of crazy situations in homes where the animals rule the roost. But she has never seen anything like this.

  • Even in Death, Leader Dogs Volunteer Helps Animals in Need

    Editor's note: The following information was provided by the Michigan Animal Adoption Network. When she died on June 30, long-time Troy resident Betty Thornton left the Michigan Animal Adoption Network (MAAN) a wonderful memorial donation. She was ...

  • Stop dumping unwanted animals in the wild

    To the heartless people who dropped off the black Pomeranian, small black Lab, and Chihuahua on 24 Mile Rd. between H Dr. North and J Dr.

  • 'Hobbit' Animal Deaths: PETA Demands That Peter Jackson Use All-CGI Beasts ...

    Animal-rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is calling on "The Hobbit" director to use only computer-generated animals in his future work, following reports that more than two dozen animals, including horses, died due ...

  • Stranded Pets Complicate Disaster Preparation

    The Oregon Humane Society, which is spreading the word about including animals in emergency preparedness, is offering workshops on the topic.

  • Miley Cyrus receives pig from PETA

    Cyrus has tweeted her love for animals in the past on her Twitter page. She is one of the biggest animal lovers in the Hollywood scene.

  • Society of Animal Artists chooses Muller drawing for exhibiton

    The Society of Animal Artists is regarded worldwide as the most prestigious artist membership organization dedicated to the theme of animals in art, comprised of members who produce the best animal art in the world. The SAA was founded in 1960. Over ...

  • Woman With Over 90 Animals In Home Charged With Cruelty

    WOODSTOCK (CBS) - Bond was set at $1,000 for a northwest suburban woman who kept nearly 100 animals - dogs, cats, rabbits and birds, some of them deceased - in a home until they were discovered late last month.

  • Ways to help animals in need this holiday season

    (WJBK) -- This holiday season, there are a number of ways you can help the Michigan Humane Society bring hope and help to animals in need. CJ Bentley from MHS has the following ways to help: Monetary donations are always needed, of course, ...

  • 'Hobbit' producers reject PETA's animal abuse allegations as 'unsubstantiated'

    martin-freeman-peter-jackson-hobbit-unexpected-journey-set- It's becoming a war of words between animal rights organization PETA and the filmmakers behind one of the holiday season's most anticipated movies: "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

  • Valley fever takes its toll on dogs, cats and cattle

    BAKERSFIELD -- Zoo animals, pets and animals in the wild contract coccidioidomycosis -- valley fever -- the same way people do, by inhaling spores from a fungus that thrives in soil, particularly in the Central Valley, Arizona and throughout the Southwest.

  • 27 Animals In 'Hobbit' Movie Died At Farm Where They Were Housed

    Three horses and two dozen smaller animals reportedly died. Wranglers say there were sink holes and other "death traps" on the property.

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