Monday, November 19, 2012

Ang lee life of pi

  • Ang Lee, 'Life of Pi' Director, Talks Culture Shock, Anxiety And Why His Films ...

    NEW YORK -- Ang Lee's best films begin with an initial calmness, a tranquility, which inevitably breaks open and gives way to desire and explosive emotional revelations.

  • Ang Lee On 'Life Of Pi' And Being A Slave To Film

    Director Ang Lee's new film, Life of Pi, tells the story of a 16-year-old Indian boy who is the lone survivor of a terrible shipwreck.

  • Review: Lee's 'Life of Pi' is inspiring 3-D art

    "Life of Pi" is one of those lyrical, internalized novels that should have no business working on the screen. Quite possibly, it wouldn't have worked if anyone but Ang Lee had adapted it. The filmmaker who turned martial arts into a poetic blockbuster ...

  • Ang Lee's long journey to 'Life of Pi'

    Director Ang Lee read Yann Martel's Booker Prize-winning best-seller "Life of Pi" not long after it hit bookstores.

  • Ang Lee delivers a gem of the ocean with Life of Pi

    A teenager must share a lifeboat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with a hungry Bengal tiger. It sounds like a premise worthy of a "Far Side" cartoon, but Life of Pi so meticulously sets up its outlandish survival tale that director Ang Lee delivers ...

  • 'Life of Pi' a dazzling epic about nature, faith

    Pi (Suraj Sharma) and a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker arrive at an uneasy detente in director Ang Lee's "Life of Pi." More coverage. 'Silver Linings' finds new tricks for rom-com genre · Say farewell to one of the 'most demented' film franchises of ...

  • "Life of Pi": Sugar-coated revelation

    Shimmering with picture-book intensity, Ang Lee's much-awaited film version of Yann Martel's bestselling boy-plus-tiger adventure saga "Life of Pi" walks a fine line between transcendent meaningfulness and utter New Age bogosity. Where you identify ...

  • "Life of Pi" and "Silver Linings Playbook."

    The centerpiece of Ang Lee's "Life of Pi," an adaptation of Yann Martel's 2001 novel, is a long confrontation, on a lifeboat, between a Bengal tiger (digitally recreated) and a teen-age Indian boy named Pi (Suraj Sharma), which turns into a wary ...

  • A perilous journey for 'Life of Pi' director Ang Lee

    The critics and reporters assembled to watch the new "Life of Pi" a few weeks ago weren't expecting a filmmaker introduction, but in stepped the ever-soft-spoken Ang Lee to inform them that this had been his hardest film to make and that they shouldn't ...

  • 'Life of Pi's' Ang Lee talks 3D, casting, and adapting the impossible

    When director Ang Lee first read "Life of Pi" 10 years ago, his initial reaction was to share the best-selling novel with his wife and kids, much as it had been shared with him.

  • No one shot with a real tiger: Ang Lee's 10-year-old Pi

    The 7 Khoon Maaf child actor, 14-year-old Ayush Tandon, who plays the 10-year-old Pi in the Ang Lee film Life of Pi, on working with the Academy Award-winning director and his role in the opus.

  • Ang Lee takes 'Life of Pi' from the bookshelf to the big screen

    'Life of Pi," Yann Martel's 2001 bestseller about a teenage boy drifting at sea in a tiny lifeboat alongside a tiger, zebra, hyena and orangutan, is an inherently challenging novel to adapt for the big screen.

  • Akshay Kumar, Life Of Pi to flag off International Film Festival of India

    Oscar-winning filmmaker Ang Lee's Indian story Life of Pi is making its Asian premiere by opening the festival while Mira Nair's Reluctant Fundamentalist will be the closing film.

  • Ang Lee: 'Life of Pi' a Movie About Faith

    It is an illuminating experience to speak to such a pioneering Asian American filmmaker as Oscar winner Ang Lee ("Brokeback Mountain"), who has delivered a powerful and moving piece of work in "Life of Pi," opening Nov. 21. In an interview with India ...

  • Life of Pi's Delhi connect

    Fashion designers Shivan and Narresh, who have designed swimsuits for one of the scenes for Oscar winner Ang Lee's latest movie Life of Pi, talk about the challenges and excitement of making their Hollywood debut. Since it is a Hollywood project shot ...

  • Ang Lee: 'Life of Pi' more than an art house film

    TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) - Oscar-winning director Ang Lee said he worked hard during the four years of shooting on "Life of Pi" to give the $100 million art house film appeal for general audiences. The movie based on Yann Martel's imaginative book stars ...

  • (Photo: Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox)

    For Life of Pi, the overcontrolled director Ang Lee has gone with his strengths and made a movie that's passionately overcontrolled.

  • Hollywood for Sale: Own a piece of 'Life of Pi'

    Much of the early Oscar buzz surrounding Life of Pi (in theaters November 21) is centered around director Ang Lee's innovative use of 3-D technology, but tangible set pieces are also a big part of the film's rich production design - and a few of them ...

  • Ang Lee films the unfilmable in 'Life of Pi'

    "I remember thinking, 'This will never be made into a movie,' " Lee said in a recent phone interview to promote "Life of Pi," which opens in theaters nationwide on Wednesday, Nov. 21. Lee - whose films range from the kung-fu spectacle of "Crouching ...

  • Review: Ang Lee's 'Life of Pi' is a Wonderful, Visual 3D Masterpiece

    A boy and his tiger. Or rather, a boy and the tiger. The impossible, unbelievable, incredible story of Piscine Patel and Richard Parker as brought to life on the big screen. It was Ang Lee who decided to adapt Yann Martel's novel of a story recalled to ...

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