Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Anderson cooper

  • Anderson Cooper: "Fact is, I'm gay"

    Anderson Cooper, CNN host and "60 Minutes" contributing correspondent revealed that he's gay. CBS News' John Blackstone reports.


  • Anderson Cooper's Twitter feud

    Forget about the conflict in the Middle East. It's a Twitter war that has Anderson Cooper riled up. While reporting and dodging explosions in Gaza—ground zero of renewed hostilities between Israel and Hamas—the host of "AC360" took an in-coming tweet ...


  • Anderson Cooper Ducks Huge Explosion In Gaza (VIDEO)

    A huge explosion caused Anderson Cooper to duck and shout during a live report from Gaza on Sunday night. Cooper is in the Palestinian territory to report on the ongoing conflict that erupted after Israel killed a top Hamas commander last Wednesday.


  • Blogging live from the set of 'Anderson Live'

    Host Anderson Cooper is in the Middle East, but Andy Cohen, executive vice president of development and talent at Bravo television, and Kyle Richards, of of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, are co-hosts.


  • Reporting from a war zone, Anderson Cooper sasses Twitter critics

    It was only yesterday that CNN's Anderson Cooper was reflexively ducking rocket bombs on camera ("That was a rather large explosion," he said dryly afterward), but the intrepid anchor-correspondent somehow found the time to fire back at Twitter critics ...


  • Kathie Lee: It's not our fault Anderson Cooper got drunk

    Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb want to clarify one thing about their appearance last week on Anderson Cooper's talk show: They did NOT force the man to drink.


  • Rosie O'Donnell & NeNe Leakes Co-Host Anderson Before It's Gone Forever

    I will fill in for Anderson cooper on his show Monday - as he is on assignment in Israel - nene leeks is my co host - #fun.


  • Israel: 'Firing of rockets needs to stop'

    Anderson Cooper speaks to Israeli foreign ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor about the diplomatic efforts between Israel and Hamas.


  • Must-see morning clip: Anderson Cooper reacts to explosion from Gaza

    Must-see morning clip: Anderson Cooper reacts to explosion from Gaza. Anderson Cooper, reporting from Gaza City, ducked on-air as an explosion went off nearby, and said it was probably the largest one they've heard in the past hour.


  • Anderson Cooper Rocked By Nearby Explosion During Live Broadcast From Gaza

    DON LEMON, HOST: CNN's Anderson Cooper from Gaza City now. He joins us now with more on the intensifying crisis. Anderson, take us to the ground and what's going on there.


  • CNN's Anderson Cooper ducks during Gaza explosion

    2012 - As he was reporting from the violence-ridden Gaza City on Sunday night (about 2 a.m. local time), CNN's Anderson Cooper was interrupted by a loud, nearby explosion. Photos: : Attacks pound Gaza and Israel. "Whoa," he said, ducking down and ...


  • WATCH: Anderson Cooper ducks bomb explosion during live report from Gaza

    CNN sent Anderson Cooper, renowned Silver Fox and CNN anchor, straight to Gaza City to broadcast live from the center of the ongoing crisis between the Israelis and the Palestinians.


  • Anderson Cooper Ducks for Cover on Gaza Live Broadcast: VIDEO

    Anderson Cooper was reporting live from Gaza on Sunday night when a large explosion went off nearby, causing him to duck for cover.


  • Anderson Cooper devastates critics on Twitter

    Journalist Anderson Cooper arrives at the 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar party in West Hollywood, California in this February 26, 2012 file photograph.


  • Why We Need Peace! Anderson Cooper Dodges Conflict In Gaza (VIDEO)

    The fierce rain of fire missiles that has dominated the skies in Gaza over the past week even shook up CNN's veteran reporter Anderson Cooper. On Sunday, Cooper was reporting on the violence and missile attacks in Gaza, a Palestinian city, when a ...


  • Anderson Cooper Almost Hit The Deck On Live TV After This Explosion In Gaza

    ... on live television (and suffered a small scolding from media elite for doing so). But nothing compares to bombs. Here, Anderson Cooper is talking to host Don Lemon when an explosion so close to the crew causes Cooper to reflexively drop to the ground.


  • Anderson Cooper Talk Show Won't Return for a Third Season

    Ali Goldstein/Warner Brothers Anderson Cooper during a taping of his show "Anderson." The syndication arm of the Warner Brothers studio has decided that there will not be a third season of "Anderson," the daily talk show hosted by Anderson Cooper.


  • Tonight on AC360: Live from Gaza and Israel

    Anderson Cooper hosts tonight live from Gaza. AC360 will cover all sides of the conflict. Wolf Blitzer is live in Jerusalem, Arwa Damon and Ben Wedeman report live in Gaza City.


  • Bomb Blast Nearly Knocks Anderson Cooper Down During On-Air Report from ...

    Anderson Cooper's live report from the heart of Gaza was interrupted early Sunday morning when a large explosion nearly blew his broadcast off the air.


  • Anderson Cooper Almost Got Exploded Live On CNN Last Night

    Things are getting crazy again between the Israelis and the Palestinians, which means that CNN has dispatched Anderson Cooper to Gaza, the epicenter of the conflict, where Israel has been dropping bombs like Cee Lo Green does after a breakfast buffet.


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