Friday, November 2, 2012

Aging gracefully

  • Ray Allen's Last Stand: Is It Possible to Age Gracefully in the NBA?

    Last night the NBA regular season began with the defending champion Miami Heat defeating the Boston Celtics, 120-107, in a game that managed to be both closer and more lopsided than it sounds.

  • Steaks: Behind the process of aging gracefully

    Dry aging is a technique prized for producing steaks that are "more robust and tender with concentrated flavor," says Peter Rukes, chef/partner at the Gold Coast's Capital Grille, named of the top 10 downtown steakhouses by Crain's in a recent story.

  • Aging, Gracefully: Quel Plaisir! All Together is 'a Sweet, Thoughtful and ...

    At 74, Ms. Fonda is a testament to the benefits of exercise, the stimulation of cognitive effort, up-to-the-minute cosmetics, a healthy lifestyle—and the money to afford them all.

  • Aging Gracefully By Sticking 'All Together'

    Aging Gracefully By Sticking 'All Together'. Filed by KOSU News in Art & Life. October 18, 2012. Like the characters in this year's indie feel-good The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - British pensioners who decide to spend their autumn years living ...

  • Lenore Skomal: Face aging gracefully

    Lenore Skomal: Face aging gracefully. Columnist Lenore Skomal pokes fun at cosmetic procedures. My son has warned me, and not just once, "If you ever have plastic surgery, Mom, I will lose all respect for you.

  • Doug Moe: Memories of great bars ease old age

    Good Doug and Bad Doug got in a discussion the other day about the importance of aging gracefully. The change of seasons has them thinking philosophically, which is always dangerous.

  • New Girl Recap: Aging Gracefully

    Kids today! They have names like Chaz and Fife and Sutton and Brory, and they get excited about artichokes and Hula-Hoops, and they think Family Matters is a low-budget web series.

  • KARACHI CHRONICLE: Aging gracefully

    First of October is International Day of Older Persons. Why do they employ euphemistic terms to describe people of advanced age? Do they think old people will mind if you called them old or elderly? Besides, older can be misleading. For instance, my ...

  • Live From E!: The Debate, Romantic Reunions and Aging Gracefully in Hollywood

    Also, with Elle's Women in Hollywood issue coming out this month, we want to know why male celebs become more "distinguished" as they age, but the women just get "old". Tell us your thoughts with #LiveFromE. Don't forget to tune in every day at 12:30 p ...

  • Youth by lasers, light and sound

    Aging gracefully doesn't have to mean surrendering your looks or facing the knife or needle for Southwest Florida's retirees and growing baby boomer population, now in their late 40s to late 60s.

  • Slow Aging from the Inside Out: The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

    Aging gracefully, to me, means being as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Diet and lifestyle choices are a major part of that.

  • Saratoga Library Staff-Picked Books

    Aging gracefully is something that is on the minds of a lot of people, particularly in light of the Baby Boomer generation getting closer to retirement.

  • How centenarians age gracefully

    With over 4,000 Australians aged 100 and over, La Trobe University centenarian expert Dr John McCormack says working hard and not being overweight are the most common characteristics amongst the 130 centenarians and super-centenarians he ...

  • 5 tips for "Wellness" after 60

    Aging is something no one can stop from happening. Aging gracefully, however, is a choice. Every day you must make that choice through intentionally establishing a pattern that you can easily stick with and one you like, as well.

  • 'Advanced Style': Elegance needn't wither with age

    Photographer Ari Seth Cohen spends his days photographing women in their 70s, 80s, and 90s - women who pride themselves on looking fabulous and aging gracefully. Cohen and three of his models talk about why they love to dress up and his new ...

  • 91-year-old fashionista: I'm a 'geriatric starlet'

    91-year-old fashionista: I'm a 'geriatric starlet'. Photographer Ari Seth Cohen spends his days photographing women in their 70s, 80s, and 90s - women who pride themselves on looking fabulous and aging gracefully. Cohen and three of his models talk ...

  • With wine, age has its rewards

    Yet wines great and humble can age remarkably well. Sipping an aged wine, savoring the flavors of a long-ago season, gives us a connection to history and maybe a sense of optimism that we, too, can mature so gracefully. It explains much of wine's ...

  • Age? How this triathlete runs right past it

    The 64-year-old triathlete keeps getting faster, sprinting past aging as quickly and gracefully as she does past other runners.

  • Focus on Seniors: Those who accept aging progress best

    All of us have different thoughts about how to handle the aging process. I have seen many ways to describe aging: gracefully, with dignity, terribly, badly and others not so kind. The ones who do best are those who accept that aging, getting older or ...

  • That means Miranda Kerr, Cheryl Cole, Mila Kunis and Emily Blunt

    Yes, a woman's battle to grow old gracefully begins at the end of her twenties, according to new research. Growing old gracefully? Saggy boobs become a real worry for women after the age of 29 - the age Cheryl ... 29 years old, but research shows that ...

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