Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Abraham lincoln

  • Lincoln Document on Sale in Philly for $900000

    The document, which has been owned by a private collector who wishes to remain anonymous, was exhibited recently at museums including the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library in ...


  • Abraham Lincoln, Vote Hunter

    Steven Spielberg's Lincoln is so lush you feel like you're watching it in a velvet chair. The dark parlors and White House meeting rooms are full of fire and cigar smoke.


  • Abraham Lincoln's Lessons for President Obama

    I have long believed that great movies can change the world. The movie Lincoln demonstrates how Abraham Lincoln's determination to engage the Congress was an essential ingredient in the effort to pass the 13th amendment.


  • Kitten rescued from Abe Lincoln's clutches

    A gray kitten trapped for days inside the Lincoln Memorial replica that sits near the entrance of The President's Hall of Fame museum at U.S.


  • 'Breaking Dawn' sparkles, 'Lincoln' stands tall at the box office

    Steven Spielberg's historical opus Lincoln expanded to 1,775 screens, grossing an impressive $21 million, which was good for third place.


  • Living History With Lincoln By the Books

    What do you get when you combine a PR man and a Lincoln scholar? This isn't a joke question. I was considering it a week ago Friday night when I traveled to Albany to see a preliminary draft of the Emancipation Proclamation in Lincoln's handwriting.


  • NBC's Gregory to Liberal Historian: What Can Obama Learn From Lincoln to Be ...

    In an interview with liberal historian Doris Kearns-Goodwin for NBC's Press Pass, Meet the Press moderator David Gregory invited her to draw parallels between President Obama and Abraham Lincoln: "It seems like it's so hard to put Lincoln in a modern ...


  • A complicated view of Lincoln in NH

    Fans of Steven Spielberg's new Lincoln movie might find it easy to assume they would have sided with Abraham Lincoln on the great issues of the day.


  • Kent Bush: Thanksgiving is bittersweet this year

    I appreciate that the Pilgrims and Native Americans had a good time almost 400 years ago eating lobster, rabbit, carrots and squash.


  • VIEWING THE VIDEOS: "Lincoln" A Man — And A Movie — For The Ages

    Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln leads a cast that is superior even in the very smallest of roles. Day-Lewis submerses himself in the role of Lincoln. He's an actor who becomes that character he his portraying and turns into a totally different person in ...


  • Abraham Lincoln at Mill Hill Historic Park this Sunday

    NORWALK -- President Abraham Lincoln touched the lives of many Americans including more than a few Norwalkers. His connections to Norwalk will be the topic of a lecture put on by the Norwalk Historical Society at Mill Hill Historic Park on Sunday ...


  • Illinois hopes Spielberg's "Lincoln" film will lure tourists

    "With the new film, there's a renewed interest in Abraham Lincoln's life, and nowhere gets you closer than Illinois,'" said Jen Hoelzle, recently appointed deputy director of the Illinois Office of Tourism.


  • Ohio a political battleground state for Lincoln, too; state produced Union ...

    CINCINNATI - Long before Mitt Romney and Barack Obama wrestled over Ohio, it was also a crucial political battleground state for Abraham Lincoln. So much so that when he received word of the results of the state's 1863 elections, Lincoln said in a ...


  • Local couple donates home to ALMH

    The Abraham Lincoln Healthcare Foundation (ALHF) announced this weeks that John "Jack" and Marilyn Wombacher have donated a home in Lincoln to the foundation.


  • The Abe Lincoln Four-Step

    The immediate cause of the reelection of President Barack Obama is that the Obama campaign and its allies conducted a ground game much superior to that of the Mitt Romney campaign and its allies.


  • Lincoln, the Man and the Movie: A Reality Check

    Lincoln, the new movie directed by Stephen Spielberg and based on Doris Kearns Goodwin's best-selling Team of Rivals, is a reassuring delight for fans of the great President who saved the Union and ended slavery, especially after last summer's strange ...


  • Abraham Lincoln, atheist?

    They come to us as tones of faith from Abraham Lincoln's presidential speeches: "a firm reliance on Him who has never yet forsaken this favored land," "the Almighty has his own purposes," "that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom ...


  • Japanese students recite famous Lincoln address

    Five students from Springfield's sister city of Ashikaga, Japan, nervously awaited the culmination of a six-day stay here Monday when they each would recite Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address in English. When their time came, everything went off ...


  • Abraham Lincoln as Hollywood leading man

    Abraham Lincoln went from historical icon to film star when cinema was just in its infancy, in such long-forgotten silents as 1908's "The Life of Abraham Lincoln," 1909's "The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln" and 1915's "The Life of Abraham Lincoln." ...


  • Bosses, take lesson from Lincoln on compromise

    Still, it's not impossible and historical figures like President Abraham Lincoln prove it can be done even in the most difficult of circumstances, says John Baldoni, a leadership coach.


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