Friday, June 1, 2012

Polar bear pictures

  • Remember Siku? The young polar bear -- born last November at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park (SWP) -- has been shown on live webcams since February. Siku was removed from his mother, who wasnt able to produce enough milk for him.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • "The polar bear attacked him with his right paw across his face and One came down to the sea recently and people were running down to take pictures.
  • (Daily Telegraph)
  • The Ranua Wildlife Park in Lapland, where a polar bear cub was born in November, has revealed new pictures of the furry media darling. The cub takes several walks outside every day. The outings can last from a few seconds to dozens of minutes between 7am and 5pm.
  • (YLE)
  • Footage of a polar bear cub being born was filmed in a man-made den in a German animal park.
  • (Daily Telegraph)
  • The focal point is an unexpected and sustain encounter with the mother polar bear and a pair of cubs 2001), a critical catalogue of motion pictures relevant to the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. Contact: bizpress@bizpress.
  • (Fort Worth Business Press)
  • "Bye bye polar bear!" - others hilariously surreal Jess and Matthew posted the "God says" pictures on the website and encouraged other artists to illustrate other of Jesss tics, which were listed there.
  • (Independent Online)
  • The National Geography magazine once helped him sell all the pictures he shot and people may see these since an endangered rat is just as important as an endangered polar bear.
  • (People's Daily Online)
  • Heres a picture of me pulling the heart out of a polar bears chest. (He was talking slick so I had to get him.) Jeremy shouldve maybe stayed away from drawing mountains and done more pictures of himself wrecking bears shit. Its about a million times cooler.
  • (Los Angeles Weekly)

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