Friday, June 29, 2012

Single ceos

  • Single CEOs are more likely to take risks that could boost their businesses bottom lines, but also increase volatility, according to a study by Nikolai L. Roussanov of The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and Pavel G.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • Single-payer would only extend the virtues of Medicare to all Americans, Birnbaum said. "The only ones benefiting (from the current system) are the CEOs of those (insurance) companies," Birnbaum said.
  • (Times Herald-Record)
  • The RIM co-founders stepped down as chairmen and CEOs of the company in January and were replaced by Thorsten Heins. But the companys fortunes have not improved so far in 2012, as RIM stock fell to single digits for the first time in eight years earlier this month.
  • (Apple Insider)
  • Determining the appropriate pay for CEOs is likely to remain a controversial topic, especially in the absence of a single formula to correlate the executive's pay with the company's performance, Kelly said.
  • (The News & Observer)
  • Why doesnt he answer the question? In some ways, it makes perfect sense. CEOs often want to keep their options open. If they put all of their energy behind a single idea and it goes wrong, they will feel the full brunt of the blame.
  • (Deseret News)
  • A 55 country study reviewing technology innovation released in early March by the Kauffman Foundation of Entrepreneurship did not mention a single Arab country by the debate by Arab Technology CEOs speaking at the Arab Net Conference.
  • (TechCrunch)
  • "The company said in a filing with the U.S.
  • (Macdaily News)
  • Even today, most CEOs already say that "our customers are number one Even though the management talks about multiple goals, it actually has a de facto single bottom line.
  • (Forbes)
  • This means that the couple will have to handle saving for all life goals on a single income. To effectively prepare You and your partner are the CEOs, and to effectively run this business you will have to turn a profit.
  • (Yahoo Finance)

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