Saturday, June 30, 2012

Scott walker jobs

  • MADISON, Wis. (AP) — New jobs numbers published Thursday are in line with those Gov. Scott Walker released early, just before his recall election, but they also show that Wisconsin was among the states with the worst records of job creation last year.
  • (Oshkosh Northwestern)
  • Scott Walker achieved something close to rock-star status when dropping the boasts about Wisconsin job growth that clashed with Romneys gloomy review of the economy under President Obama.
  • (Los Angeles Times)
  • Governor Scott Walker was able to spend time speaking to the employees and distinguished guests that included customers, business partners, State Representatives and the Peshtigo Mayor. Governor Walker said "…Government doesn't create jobs.
  • (Times Union)
  • Scott Walker, who wanted to await the Supreme Court s decision Walker said the decision creates uncertainty for Wisconsin businesses, and thats bad for job growth.
  • (Pioneer Press)
  • For the past three years, Governor Luis Fortuño has been the Caribbean's Scott Walker — and like Walker Fortuño implemented deep cuts, slashing public jobs and salaries across the board. The government unions erupted.
  • (
  • LA CROSSE, Wis (WEAU)- Governor Scott Walker was talking about jobs as he took a tour of the latest in medical technology. Gundersen Lutheran in La Crosse recently opened their new Integrated Center for Education.
  • (WEAU-TV 13)
  • succeeding former Executive Director Patrick Drinian who left for a job with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.
  • (Pierce County Herald)
  • Brad Walker was first, and Scotts good buddy Derek Miles Scott scraped by with part-time jobs and kept his summers open to travel throughout Europe, where he could make money competing.
  • (Omaha World-Herald)
  • Scott Walker, fresh off his recall election victory and a whirlwind and conservatives after beating back a challenge from labor unions to keep his job in last weeks recall election. Now hes using his fame to make a splash on the national scene.
  • (Argus Leader)

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