Saturday, June 30, 2012


  • Sam and Chloe have lots of friends and an active social life, and on the outside appear happy and comfortable with each other. They told me that they like to spend their free time dining out with other couples and attending charity events.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • A Florida woman and her brother have found guilty of orchestrating the killings of the womans millionaire husband and his mother in a grab for the family estate.
  • (Sydney Morning Herald)
  • In his statement to the police, he explained that their mother-in-law liked Shinde more than him. As his jealousy for Shinde grew, so did his malice, till he ultimately decided to kill him.
  • (Mid
  • While Ryan tries to make an impression on Emily with some cliche talks, Chris is mad at Doug for making him in jeopardy of not getting a rose. Emily Maynard took her remaining 13 suitors to Bermuda on the fourth episode of The Bachelorette season 8.
  • (AceShowbiz)
  • It's my mate's birthday. How about that birthday sex, I ask. I wonder if the lad he's been seeing has hinted at something special. "Yeah," he says. I listen. "I'm going to go home and treat myself." Then I realise what he's talking about.
  • (Sydney Morning Herald)
  • The Only Way Is Essex star Joey Essex has spoken out about what happened to him when he was attacked yesterday claiming the main factor was jealousy.
  • (Entertainmentwise)
  • Mobile gaming has changed dramatically in recent years thanks to advancement in smartphone technology, and no longer are gamers restricted to a dedicated mobile gaming console or playing games such as Snake on their mobile phone.
  • (Phones Review)
  • "It's unprofessional." "It causes tension and jealousy." "It's an amateur move." Over the years, I've heard all of those reasons for why I should remain tight-lipped about my often-paltry pay.
  • (
  • Hes handsome, charismatic and attentive to her wants and desires. But as their relationship develops, Brightman begins to show signs of jealousy. Then he forces Bailey to submit to his will, both physically and psychologically.
  • (Indianapolis Star)

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