Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mlb instant replay

  • -- This wasnt Little League, so Dewayne Wise wasnt about to fess up. Sportsmanship only goes so far when youre wearing pinstripes and playing in Yankee Stadium. Wise sold the third base umpire just by diving into the stands to catch a foul ball.
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  • Just when you think youve seen the worst call a Major League Baseball umpire has ever made, one of the men in blue makes another terrible call that reignites the debate over instant replay and floods Twitter with the #robotumpsnow hashtag.
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  • I want to concentrate on the instant replay issue. Like MLB.coms Jordan Bastian notes within his coverage of the botched call aftermath, those against expanded instant replay worry technology will take the human element away from the game.
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  • click The point that Im trying to make here—its just pointless.
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  • Buster Olney thinks MLB needs to move quicker at instituting better instant replay when looking at plays like Dewayne Wise. He also talks about the Yankees rotation and Matt Kemp not inviting Bryce Harper to the HR Derby.
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  • The Australian left-hander allowed two runs over six innings against the Padres. His first MLB win since 2004. Blackley taught me how to play Australian Rules Football before the game. You can see the video here.
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  • Derek Norris talks about his MLB debut, and says any time the starting pitcher goes eight innings and allows one run, its a good day for him as a catcher.
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  • NEW YORK -- Jack Hannahan is a baseball purist. Even in the wake of Tuesdays botched call at Yankee Stadium, the Indians third baseman is not a fan of adding more instant replay to handle in-game decisions.
  • (Cleveland Indians)
  • Mike Dimuro may have just forced the MLB to take a longer look at expanding replay I wish baseball would not treat instant replay like the plague.  In stretches, it can be used without slowing down the game.
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  • Now, he might be known as the guy who forced MLBs hand when it comes to instant replay, even if thats a bit unfair. Wise almost made another incredible catch, jumping into the stands in foul play to rob Jack Hannahan of an at-bat. Key word: almost.
  • (FanIQ)

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