Friday, June 15, 2012

Moneyball bill james

  • WASHINGTON -- A political candidate being dramatically outspent by his opponent has few options. He can pin his hopes on a strong debate performance, dig up dirt on the opposition, or cut a particularly buzz-worthy television ad.
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  • the year Moneyball was published.
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  • Bill James and mathematics cut straight through that Peter Brand (played by Jonah Hill); Moneyball (2011).
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  • Moreover, as great a statistician and thinker as Bill James was, he ignored another key element that makes sabermetrics flawed – the human element.
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  • As Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James and lit agent Val Hoskins spend the week in De Luca has a deal at Sony, where he produced Best Picture nominees The Social Network and Moneyball, both based on high-profile books.
  • (Variety)
  • A number of years ago, about the time Michael Lewis' Moneyball was making the rounds among the faithful one based on the sort of statistical analysis that Bill James had been doing for years. We started hearing more about stats like OBP.
  • (Opposing Views)
  • WORDS FLY OVER TRANSPO BILL: The finger-pointing and name-calling came out in blitz targeting four members of the conference committee: Reps. Dave Camp, James Lankford, Steve Southerland and Pat Tiberi.
  • (Inhofe keeps teaching - Congress wants to keep pilots armed - Huerta confirmation hearing set -
  • The occasional standout hit -- Seabiscuit (2001), John Adams (2002), The Lovely Bones (2002), Moneyball (2003) -- drew readers of every stripe. Beach was a buzzword, but even James Patterson fits that bill.
  • (Inside Bay Area)
  • Those desperate searchers include Tilda Swinton, Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Frances McDormand, Bill outlaw James. Pitt is also no stranger to Oscar nominations. The 48-year-old star earned a Best Actor nod in 2012 for the sports drama, Moneyball.
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