Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Brain peer pressure

  • How likely are you to go along with the crowd? It may have to do with the physiology of your brain, a new study suggests.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • Brain scientists have learned in recent years that the Help them decide for themselves whether caving in to peer pressure or being tempted by a trend is worthwhile or better off resisted.
  • (Pocono Record)
  • Men, of course, retain their cool, level-headed intelligence, being less prone to peer pressure.
  • (Independent Online)
  • His newfound shift represents forward progress in athletes who appeal to rationality over ego and peer pressure to make honest assessments about the repercussions that result from jolts to the brain.
  • (
  • Permanent brain damage can occur in less than three minutes and death Although it is not always clear why some children engage in this behavior, some factors include peer pressure, thrill-seeking, and the possibility of a "drug-free high.
  • (MetroWest Daily News)
  • In the study, stress hormones hurt the brains pre-frontal cortex -- the one responsible As a teenager he is finding it more difficult to stay on track because of peer pressure.
  • (CNN)
  • A lot of them don't realize the danger behind it; kids do it out of peer pressure, often under a dare or out of curiosity. The kids, however, risk themselves for brain damage, death and potential criminal charges.
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