Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Levitated mass

  • After much anticipation, a rock is finally on its way to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The 340-ton chunk of solid rock will make a 11-night journey from Riverside County starting Tuesday to be part of Michael Heizer's Levitated Mass.
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  • LOS ANGELES -- After months of preparation, the rock is ready to roll.
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  • RUBIDOUX – The rock is finally on a roll. It'll take several days to transport a 340-ton boulder from its birthplace in a Rubidoux quarry to its new home at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
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  • Photographer Gary Leonard is really looking forward to the move of that 340-ton boulder to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. He got a call last night from the quarry in Riverside County: the truck is scheduled now to roll out next Tuesday, Feb.
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  • The work, called "Levitated Mass," is Southwest artist Michael Heizer's latest creation. LACMA describes the work as "one of the largest megaliths moved since ancient times.
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  • No, really. "They tell me it's official," Mr. Govan said. The boulder in question is the anchor of the ambitious outdoor exhibition known as "Levitated Mass," by Michael Heizer, a California sculptor.
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  • The monolith will serve as a part of artist Michael Heizers Levitated Mass sculpture at an exhibit the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, which is slated as coming soon on the museums website.
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  • The boulder in "Levitated Mass" was purchased five years ago when Heizer was working at the Pyrite-Hubbs Quarry in Riverside County. Due to both its weight and size, Heizer was able to realize his vision in collaboration with the museum.
  • (Wall Street Journal)
  • The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is transporting a 340-ton granite boulder known as The Rock from Riverside to L.A. The Rock will eventually be part of a LACMA art piece called Levitated Mass.
  • (Inland Valley Daily Bulletin)
  • A project entitled Levitated Mass. Museum officials hope to have the exhibit opened by late spring or early summer. The rocks trip begins at the Stone Valley Materials Quarry on Pyrite Street northwest of Rubidoux.
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