Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Google privacy

  • (Reuters) - Frances data protection watchdog has cast doubt on the legality and fairness of Googles new privacy policy, which it said breached European laws.
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  • Time to do some account maintenance as Googles new privacy policy is set to go into effect in less than 24 hours For the congenital procrastinators out there - and yes, you know who you are - dont complain about not being warned.
  • (CNET News)
  • Google's new privacy policy is set to go into effect tomorrow, March 1 — making it as good a time as any to do some maintenance on your account.
  • (Washington Post)
  • Rochester, N.Y.— A controversial new Google privacy policy will take affect on Thursday, March 1. The company is aggregating the privacy policies of all 60 Google services and making them into just one.
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  • Even as users remain ignorantly blissful, last-ditch efforts continue to prevent Google's new privacy policy from being implemented this Thursday, March 1. French regulators call the policy unlawful while privacy group EPIC continues its fight.
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  • The French data protection regulator, the National Commission for Computing and Civil Liberties, has announced an official European investigation into the March release of Googles new all-in-one privacy policy.
  • (Digital Journal)
  • South Korean regulators Tuesday voiced concerns over Googles controversial plan to merge user data from YouTube, Gmail, Google+ and other services in individual comprehensive profiles.
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  • WASHINGTON (USA TODAY) — As watchdog groups urge a slowdown in Googles new privacy policy, Rep. Mary Bono Macks office announced Tuesday a hearing on privacy issues March 29 in which Google will likely participate.
  • (Nashville Tennessean)
  • (CNN) -- On Thursday, Googles much-discussed new privacy policy goes into effect. To say that the change has stirred concern on the Web would be an understatement.
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