Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Barry mccaffrey iran

  • Apparently, not only does NBC continue to present McCaffrey to its viewers as some sort of objective analyst, but NBC News executives use him as some kind of private consultant and briefer on the news.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • Barry McCaffrey in a Jan. 12 briefing paper. And "Iran will not for any reason forsake its nuclear ambitions," he stressed.
  • (HSToday)
  • Will Iran ratchet up the rhetoric on the Strait of Hormuz, with CNBCs Melissa Lee, Ret. Gen. Barry McCaffrey,and the Money In Motion traders. Crude prices rally as Iran threatens to close the Strait.
  • (CNBC)
  • 1984 - In gulf war, Iran says it shelled Basra and Iraq says it destroyed 1996 - The U.S. Senate confirms four-star Army general, Barry R. McCaffrey, to serve as the drug czar of the Office of National Drug Control Policy.
  • (msnbc.com)

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