Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weird statues

  • Since 1987, two stone cows have been in place at the entrance and exit to Marylands Department of Agriculture headquarters building, and for more than a decade, those cows have been involved in a mystery.
  • (NBC Washington)
  • in his backyard terrace—complete with waterfalls, bronze animal statues, and a giant fire pit fit for a king You know thats kind of weird, right? he told me she said.
  • (Gawker)
  • Dr. Seuss famous Lorax statue was taken from the late authors La Jolla home over the weekend. The statue was one of only two in the world created by the childrens book authors step-daughter, Lark Dimond-Cates.
  • (NBC Los Angeles)
  • Among other things, it strikes me as kind of weird that so many people with no scientific or Among other things, there are pre-Columbian statues and wall frescoes that appear to show bearded white men and black Africans.
  • (Marshall Independent)
  • There are worn-down voluptuous Grecian statues overlooking Biscayne Bay by Stirling Calder look at the city and its artistic offerings by expanding our popular Weird Miami bus tours.
  • (New York Times Blogs)
  • The return of the two statues has been a long process for the Russell Theatre When I looked at the pictures of what I had, it was weird to get it done, she said of her creations.
  • (Ledger Independent)
  • And the Smithsonian is printing museum-quality replicas of statues for traveling exhibits We've learned with the Internet that if you give people tools, they do weird and unexpected things with them.
  • (
  • Just ad hominem attacks and generalizations and weird non-logic.
  • (
  • The moai statues do not comprise just those few photogenic ones seen I realise that, though wildlife on the island is minimal, there are plenty of weird and wonderful discoveries to be made offshore. Puffer fish and trumpet fish dart into view.
  • (Sydney Morning Herald)

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