Monday, April 30, 2012

Cheri young

  • GREENSBORO Cheri Young, the wife of former political aide Andrew Young, will resume testifying in John Edwards' trial Monday and might add new wrinkles to a story that veers between tragedy and farce with each disclosure.
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  • John Edwards trial. Andrew Young and his wife, Cheri, testified this week that Edwards knew money from his campaign supporters was being spent to hide his pregnant mistress, Rielle Hunter, from the tabloids.
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  • Question: Is Ayotte on the veep list? And then there is this: The Edwards trial continues, with Cheri Young, wife of former Edwards aide Andrew Young, back on the witness stand.
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  • Evidence during testimony last week included pictures of the Youngs' house, resorts where they stayed while in hiding and cellphone records that called into question Young's account of events.
  • (Greensboro News & Record)
  • kept by Young and his wife, Cheri, to finance a family manse. By the end, Lowell (solemn-faced and in a dark suit) had the air of an undertaker while Young (fatigued and evidencing a gray pallor atop his tanned faced) looked funeral-ready.
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  • Young recalled telling his wife, Cheri, about the plan he said Edwards concocted. Are you out of your mind? Why would you even tell me about this? Why didnt you just say no? Young, now 46, wrote of his wifes reaction.
  • (Cape Cod Times)
  • Youre going to get to the money, right? she asked Lowell. Young was expected to remain on the stand all day Thursday. His wife, Cheri Young, could take the stand Friday.
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  • Young moved from house to house and hotel room to hotel room on a harried cross-country odyssey with a pregnant Hunter, his wife Cheri, and, for part of the journey, the three Young children.
  • (Morris Daily Herald)
  • "It's hard for me to put them together." Young's diminutive wife, 38-year-old Cheri, took the stand late Friday, and while she testified for just 30 minutes, the jury paid close attention.
  • (Daily Beast)
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