Monday, April 30, 2012

Tips For Smarter Summer Travel

  • Between rising oil prices, and increased travel summer just around the corner, more people will be traveling for business and pleasure. Many dream of traveling internationally, but summer can be an expensive time to do so. AlphaFlightGuru.
  • (PRWeb)
  • Based on this fact alone, I decided the weather would be very springlike, almost summer like. I packed mostly spring/summer Luckily my travelling partner on that trip is a smarter packer than I am, and the airline staff averaged our luggage.
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  • Tips: Fredericton wants you to leave a smarter person, so sign up for an edVentures program (on until Aug. 20). You can learn how to hook a rug, make a mug, craft a chair, or paint a bear.
  • (Windsor Star)

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