Monday, April 23, 2012

Tsa spare change

  • Between the strip searches and pat-downs, its easy to lose track of your stuff when going through airport security--especially your spare change. In fact, hurried travelers left behind a total of $409,085.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • With little time to spare, hes streamlined his packing and Regardless of how fast TSA moves on PreCheck, youll want to buckle in for other changes coming in the spring and summer travel.
  • (
  • I'll spare you my thoughts on EA's 2012 SSX release but news has hit the TSA Towers late night news desk that suggests this is about to change.
  • (TheSixthAxis)
  • Toiletries: Electric toothbrush, a TSA-friendly 30 grams of toothpaste in a plastic Muji Everything else fits easily into the Dry Red No.
  • ( (blog))
  • Even though I may change my career choice, I plan to choose a career focused Other interesting facts about Lauren are that she loves to work on art activities in her spare time.
  • (Longview News-Journal)

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