Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nba clutch players

  • Despite all their talent, the Boston Red Sox opened the Major League Baseball season with three straight losses because they cant close games.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • For much of his time with the Knicks, Carmelo Anthony has been criticized for the way hes played since joining New York.
  • (International Business Times)
  • However, Im back now, and ready for some random thoughts about the NBA! Lamar Odom and the Mavericks have agreed If Im a Bulls fan, I am nervous that Derrick Rose struggled, especially in the clutch.
  • (FOXSports.com)
  • Inevitably, we get to crunch time and Goran Dragic's latest clutch heroics. A pause. A smile. Then Sampson says without even a hint of hyperbole, "Goran Dragic is my favorite player in the NBA.
  • (NBA)
  • This might go against conventional wisdom, and fly directly in the face of the hype on ESPN or even around the water cooler, but LeBron James is currently one of the most clutch players in the NBA.
  • (Sports Central)
  • Now, a regular season win, as big as it may have been, isnt really where we need to see James step up in the clutch. But what he showed is that if he can come through in such moments routinely, he is without a doubt the best player in the NBA.
  • (Bleacherreport.com)
  • Carmelo Anthony's clutch instinct, seemingly in hibernation most the winter Now, we won't tell you you're wrong if you have a gut instinct about a certain player in the final moments over one of these 10.
  • (Dime Magazine)
  • Notes: The Hornets used their NBA-high 23rd different starting lineup this season. Trevor Ariza did not play because of what Williams described as a move to get more playing time for younger players like Aminu and Lance Thomas.
  • (Sporting News)
  • He is a clutch performer with a great work ethic and a brilliant After a season where he was the best player and one of only two potential NBA players (with Tim Hardaway Jr.
  • (Detroit Free Press)

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