Saturday, April 21, 2012

Jan brewer threat

  • PHOENIX (AP) — Budget talks between Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and Republican legislative leaders apparently have hit an impasse, and Brewer is signaling she'll veto any other bills that reach her desk before a budget deal.
  • (Mohave Daily News)
  • Jan Brewer gave legislative leaders an ultimatum That's what we're doing," Pierce said.
  • (Arizona Capitol Times)
  • Jan Brewer on Tuesday set the stage for a third court battle a move that would have avoided any potential legal threat. "As with all actions we take, it's subject to legal challenges if somebody want to go that route," Benson said.
  • (East Valley Tribune)
  • With that in mind, last week Gov. Jan Brewer signed the State Forester's Preparedness Plan assigning firefighting resources to high-risk areas. "We can't stop nature from running its course," Brewer said at a news conference.
  • (
  • Hard rocker Ted Nugents threats are only the latest in a long line of disrespect this president has had to endure. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewers finger in the face, Rush Limbaughs hateful lies, a U.S.
  • (Sacramento Bee)
  • Jan Brewer. And it may end up in court will be by his group which includes those who pushed the successful 2010 initiative or others. That threat of litigation could be enough to convince Brewer to veto the measure.
  • (East Valley Tribune)
  • PHOENIX (Reuters) - Arizonas Republican Governor Jan Brewer signed into law on Tuesday a bill to which they said was at threat if medical marijuana use was allowed in state schools.
  • (HealthNews)
  • Jan Brewer (R) dragged her feet on approving dispensaries Five is coincidentally the number of dispensaries forced to close recently under federal threat.
  • (Drug War Chronicle)
  • Jan Brewer has proposed deep cuts in children's services Consider the way people here dealt with the threat to their children posed by designer drugs like spice.
  • (Payson Roundup)

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