Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dirty projectors single

  • The Chicago-bound event runs July 13-15, and while three-day tickets are sold out, single day tickets are still on sale.
  • (HitFix)
  • Now, the band has released their first single since, Gun Has No Trigger, and much like the bands previous body of work, it is very difficult to describe without sounding like kind of a jerk.
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  • Leland was mastered by Joe Lambert (Washed Out, Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors, etc).
  • (Resident Advisor)
  • The band premiered the title track and first single via MTV Hive. Theres a bit of a Dirty Projectors vibe here, with the winding, herky-jerky guitar work, electronic touches, and falsetto vocals working in concert to create a brand of otherworldly rock.
  • (Chicagoist)
  • He'll stop in at the Trocadero four days prior, on June 1st. Follow that link for a listen to the first single which features Wale bits of new music from the new record.
  • (PW-Philadelphia Weekly)
  • Overhead, a projector beams out a single word in bolded, multi-colored script that the military dictatorship that oversaw the so-called Dirty War of the 1970s came to power because the vast majority of Argentines wanted it to.
  • (Harvard Crimson)
  • by removing all tables, installing mad equipment and hosting a sick visual show with projectors, making it a bangin club Its our longest lasting Twice as Proper in a single venue (3rd year at BOOM since 2010). Bring it on..
  • (Boom at Boom Lounge - Resident Advisor)
  • Percolators end up brewing what looks like dirty water, rather than coffee. Not enough small or medium tees to go around. Compare this to the disastrous counterpart: the wifi cuts out. Projector breaks during demos. Not enough power outlets.
  • (TechCrunch)

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