Monday, April 2, 2012

Dictator fashion

  • Over the past 18 months citizen-photojournalists have managed to document—with little controversy—the killing of a dictator, the downfall of a fashion icon and an unprovoked pepper spray attack on a group of peaceful University of California protestors.
  • (
  • The design is a cartoonish Ronald McDonald resembling the German dictator, and has caused quite a stir the outrage started when a foreigner questioned the controversial fashion design. There are two sides.
  • (International Business Times)
  • The connection between these developments and the shoe company is that the rebels who overthrew dictator Mengistu wore rubber-soled countries in the world can establish themselves in the fashion market.
  • (Independent Online)
  • The dictator fumbled the urn, covering Seacrest in ash. After the incident, a flustered Seacrest said, I had an idea something was coming, I didnt know in what fashion or form.
  • (Windsor Star)
  • I mean, the girl wore "mom jeans" and got more headline-making heat than the international dictator of the moment. Now she can't even get pregnancy—the most natural, instinctive womanly function—right.
  • (The Stir)
  • Emails purportedly from Mrs Assad in which she boasted of being "the real dictator" in the family were made public from La Sapienza university in Rome. Her interest in fashion has also been highly publicised.
  • (Daily Mirror)
  • (Many fashion-obsessed Capitol people dye their skin bright President Snow (Donald Sutherland): The most evil of them all. He is the dictator of Panem.
  • (Chicago Sun-Times)
  • Why has the Responsibility to Protect doctrine, so recently applied (after a fashion) to Libya not come into force a weapon that can be used only against the weak. Every brutal dictator who can think at all can and will draw the appropriate lesson.
  • (Calgary Herald)

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