Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bloomberg gun laws

  • By STACY ANDERSON Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) - New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg launched a national campaign against gun laws that he said justify civilian gun play.
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  • Operating on evidence that the city is being flooded by weapons brought here illegally from other states, the mayor has been at the forefront of those fighting to tighten the nation's gun laws.
  • (New York Post)
  • The other big reason is that conservatives are wary that the Left wont let a crisis go to waste and pursue more gun control laws. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is proving those fears correct.
  • (Town Hall)
  • Stand Your Ground laws are in effect in more than 20 states. But they have recently been a target after Martins killing by gun-control advocates.
  • (The Business Insider)
  • The NRAs leaders werent interested in public safety. They were interested in promoting a culture where people take the law into their own hands with a gun and face no consequences for it.
  • (Village Voice (blog))
  • This has nothing to do with gun owners rights. It has nothing to do with the Second Amendment." Bloomberg, who was joined by civil rights leaders and Florida State Sen.
  • (KGO-AM810)
  • [New York State] Bloombergs trip to Washington was grandstanding and he should focus on getting Albany to pass a plea-bargain-proof, one-strike-and-youre-out law for criminals who use illegal guns.
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  • As youve also probably heard, Mayor Mike Bloomberg hates guns -- and hes using the shootout as the latest anecdote to illustrate his point that gun laws need to be tougher.
  • (Village Voice (blog))

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