Tuesday, February 7, 2012

World without oil

  • The trends seen among the worlds leading oil producers is expected to continue into 2012. Expectations of increasing demand and a lag in increased production should support higher crude prices. The profitability of these companies is without question.
  • (Seekingalpha.com)
  • The Philippines is the world's largest exporter of coconut oil, accounting for 7 percent of its total export carbohydrates we eat), the brain's principal source of energy. Without fuel, these precious neurons may begin to die.
  • (Global Nation)
  • I discussed the amounts of oil that have been produced from Western Siberia, the region that currently produces the most, and which in its prime contained the second largest producing oilfield in the world at Samotlor.
  • (the oil and natural gas in Eastern Siberia - The Oil Drum)
  • One of the issues on the table: the worlds oil depletion. In 2009 As Cramer said in the interview, you really cant talk about the Bakken without mentioning Continental Resources (CLR), which holds the largest acreage in the play.
  • (Boston Globe)
  • The U.S. uses about 20 percent of the worlds oil production and we have 2 percent to 3 percent and that means that gas prices will reflect global demand and supply.
  • (Arizona Daily Sun)
  • He implicitly criticized the African Union mediation team, saying that the mediation tried to oblige Juba to give oil and money to Khartoum without seeking to tackle the root-causes of the issues between the two countries.
  • (Xinhua News Agency)
  • Thanks to the world UBS Crude Oil (UCO). For the more active traders, there are various ways to use options around this position.
  • (TheStreet.com)
  • Dont you know only 20 years of oil is left in the whole world? he recalls to many strategic natural resources in media and on the Internet, often without rigorous consideration of whether it was technically applicable.
  • (Bloomberg)

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