Saturday, February 18, 2012

When to exercise

  • You've heard of those trust exercises some companies have their teams do, where one member of the team falls back and must trust that the rest of the group will catch him. Tony Simons takes that a step further.
  • (CNBC)
  • During the winter months, Richelle Gourley likes to keep her preschool students physically active with fun indoor play.
  • (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)
  • "You just have to start," he said. "There's always an exercise that you can do to start. The running community in Grand Rapids is unbelievably accepting to all types of runners.
  • (
  • Once again researchers have shown that the battle to lose weight isnt best resolved by diet alone. Nor is exercise the sole solution. Nope, when it comes to whittling away unwanted pounds its the combination of the two that is the most successful.
  • (Calgary Herald)
  • IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (AP) — Louis Weinrich, 81, is one of many Idahoans standing tall against falls. Falls are the leading cause of accidental injury deaths among Idahoans 65 and older, according to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.
  • (Associated Press)
  • From wearing reflective clothing to planning safe routes, "personal safety must be a top priority for anyone running after the sun sets," says Jean Knaack, executive director of the Road Runners Club of America. Some tips: Dont wear ear buds.
  • (Dallas Morning News)
  • LONDON (AP)—Britain and France will hold a joint exercise to test their abilities to respond to a terror incident at the 2012 London Olympics.
  • (YAHOO!)
  • It was a close call, but Kaitlyn Neiheisel still was able to hit her mark during Friday's preliminary round of the state meet. The senior from Lincoln-Way co-op posted a 9.500 in the floor exercise to grab one of the last spots in the finals at Palatine.
  • (Chicago Sun-Times)
  • Looking for a way to inspire yourself to exercise? How about putting a little cash on the line? Studies indicate that even a small reward can inspire behavioral change.
  • (CBS News)
  • Russian gold giant Polymetal International has said it intends to exercise its right to go ahead, t.. To access AMMs full content, please log in below.  If you do not have an AMM account, we invite you to take a free trial or subscribe below.
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