Saturday, February 25, 2012

Washington national cathedral repairs

  • Washington National Cathedral says it has raised $2 million to cover restoration work after last years earthquake severely damaged the building.
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  • WASHINGTON — It took 83 years to build the iconic Washington National Cathedral Now, six months after the 5.
  • (Washington Post)
  • is still closed and awaiting $15 million in repairs, the D.C.
  • (Washington Times)
  • Repairs to the Washington National Cathedral are expected to top $20 million. The landmark was damaged by an earthquake last August. Fundraising officials say they are $18 million short in donations needed to cover costs of restoration.
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  • That fateful Tuesday afternoon in August, Bethlehem joined the list of damaged significant Washington-area structures including the Washington Monument and the National Cathedral N.J., who specialize in the repair of wood-laminate beams.
  • (Virginia Connection Newspapers)
  • (Can you imagine getting a tax assessment from Cardinal Dolan to pay for the repair of some gargoyle on St.
  • hits in two of its most prominent landmarks -- the Washington Monument and the Washington National Cathedral, which combined could cost $40 million to repair. The monument is likely to remain closed for up to a year for repairs.
  • (Asbury Park Press)
  • St Georges Cathedral, city. Tickets $25-$35 Includes a stellar support line-up of Washington, Josh Pyke and Clare Bowditch. Sat, 4.30pm. Kings Park and Botanic Garden, West Perth. Tickets $99.90-$395 from Ticketmaster.
  • (PerthNow)
  • University of Washington, Seattle; free, preregistration required (
  • (Seattle Times)

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