Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Top chef last chance kitchen

  • Last week on Top Chef: Texas, we learned that Chicago Chris is allergic to bees, and also to winning. Cat Cora and Dana Cowin from Food Wine magazine are mean girls. Grayson has a smart mouth on her.
  • (Austin Chronicle)
  • This week though, the judges felt she tried to do too much with her dish and sent her to Last Chance Kitchen, much to her unhappiness. We talked to Grayson today in an exclusive interview to find out more about her thoughts on her Top Chef experience.
  • (Exclusive Interview with Grayson Schmitz - Realitywanted)
  • First of all, how did you carry that pan of chicken in your hand on the bike? Grayson Schmitz: Um, well, Im pretty goddamn talented. [Laughs] I dont know. I was too scared to put it in the basket because I knew it would bounce around a lot in the street.
  • (YAHOO!)
  • In a twist, the winning chef from Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen will re-enter the competition and join the remaining four chefs in the elimination challenge, where the chefs must create a delicious dish that will impress their mentors.
  • (TVbytheNumbers)
  • as Grayson Schmitz was just eliminated from the Top Chef competition last week. Well see Wednesday night if she succeeded in the Last Chance Kitchen competition to return to the final four chefs competing in the finale.
  • (NBC Dallas-Fort Worth)
  • Her fellow female contestants can say what they want about Top Chefs Beverly, but she held her own and for Evil Queen Charlize Theron and the judges, so she was sent to Last Chance Kitchen, where she impressively defeated five-time champion Nyesha.
  • (Exclusive Interview with Beverly Kim - Realitywanted)
  • Last time him to the Last Chance Kitchen, where he is unable to defeat Bev. Heather is probably eating herself alive at this point, trapped in a purgatory with her twitchy archnemesis.
  • (Austin Chronicle)
  • If Top Chef has taught me anything So, lets hope online and do a quick review of the final Last Chance Kitchen, shall we? The challenge is simple -- Grayson and Bev have thirty minutes to make anything they want.
  • ('Bike, Borrow & Steal' - HitFix)

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